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Can Filter Water Improve My Health?


Let’s look closer at the benefits of filtered water for your health.

Filtered Water Is Healthier

Your tap water can contain harmful contaminants or impurities. The government regulates tap water, but they are unable to test for every possible contamination.

Your tap water may still contain contaminants, even though it has been tested clean at the water treatment facility. A water filter can be installed in your home to reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water. It will also improve your overall health.

Filtered Water Smells And Tastes Better

Water filters can enhance the taste and odor of your tap water. A water filter can reduce the number of bacteria and chlorine that can cause foul-smelling water.

Filtered Water Is Better Than Bottled Water

Bottled water is often considered healthier than tap water. Research shows that this is not often the case. Bottled water is typically sourced from one source.

Tap water contains many of the same contaminants. The FDA regulates the quality of bottled water and has very relaxed reporting requirements.

Plastic bottles can cause harm. BPA, an industrial chemical linked to cancer, can seep into plastic bottles and enter your drinking water. Filtered water is better than bottled water because you can be certain you’re not ingesting BPAs or other contaminants found in untreated tap water.

Filtered Water Is Better For The Environment

Did you know there was a floating island made of plastic in the Pacific Ocean? It covers an area approximately the same as Russia or 5.8 million square miles. The United States uses approximately 1,500 water bottles every second, and there are millions of plastic water bottles around the world each day. These plastic bottles won’t break down so they end up in landfills. Plastic is consumed by fish, which then end up in our bodies.

Humans cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment. Filtered water reduces the need for plastic bottles and helps keep our environment clean.

Filtered Water Is A Great Way To Stay Hydrated

Water is good for your heart health. Water can help you lose weight and maintain your blood pressure. It can also promote digestion, prevent kidney damage, and aid in weight loss. Filtered water is more pleasant because it’s free from contaminants.

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