Fantastic Poolside Entertaining

Fantastic Poolside Entertaining During The Cooler Months


During the cooler months, you may not use your pool much. This is because of the cold weather outside. If you want to use the pool during winter, you need heating for your pool, which is quite expensive. Even if you have heating, sometimes the chill in the air is so pronounced that you will not feel comfortable swimming. When your pool is not in use at this time, don’t allow it to lie unused. Plan pool parties by your pool and have a great time.

Decorate well

A winter factory pool party is a great chance to show your décor skills. Decorate the venue using various décor items. More the items, more the fun. You can add fairy lights as décor and place in on trees and bushes. This can give a different look to your poolside and change the mood of the party. Candles can be used for light and also for décor. You can plan a theme party and decorate your poolside as per the plan.

Consider heating 

When the weather is too cold, you would want heating. If your pool has heating, you can turn it on to warm up the poolside. Your guests can swim if they want or just sit by the pool with their legs dipped in warm water. A fire pit is a great option for entertaining. It is the perfect addition to liven up your pool party. Get a fire pit and light it up. You will find your guests crowded around the fire pit for heat. It also adds to the overall look of the poolside and helps spruce up your party.

Ensure you have towels nearby 

If your guests want to have a swim, then make sure you have towels and blankets on hand. A swim in the cooler months can make them feel cold the moment they come out of the pool. You wouldn’t want your guests to catch a cold. So, keep blankets, towels, or bathrobes near the poolside for the convenience of your guests. Keep a designated changing area so your guests can quickly change into something warm immediately after the swim.

Have sufficient furniture 

You need chairs and tables for your pool party. In winter, people feel lazy and prefer to sit while they eat. Have comfortable chairs on hand. You can get chairs of different types so guests can choose to sit where they want. A great idea for your pool party is to get a picnic table. It will allow your guests to sit together and eat. It Is also comfortable. You can spruce up the table with décor.

Don’t forget the music 

A party is no fun without music. Make sure you have music on hand. Have a good quality speaker(s), so your guests can enjoy the music wherever they sit. Have a collection of songs ready. You can choose songs depending on the party theme. You can even play DJ or get a DJ for your party to make it more fun. With so many music apps available, it is not tough to play DJ yourself.

Plan games

When the weather is cold, a bit of physical activity will help warm up people. Plan party games to make your party lively. It will also get people warmed up and in the mood to have fun. Choose fun games, so everyone enjoys the party. Choose the games according to the age group of your guests and the party theme. You can even offer small prizes to make things more interesting. Board games are also a good idea. If you are using the pool, then consider pool volleyball. If your party is for kids, choose games that are noisy. It adds to the fun!

Get pool lights 

A party with poor lighting can be a dampener. This is a good chance for you to spruce up your pool area. You can get pool lighting installed. This will make it comfortable for your guests to use the pool at night. The lighting also ensures guests are comfortable. It avoids accidents caused by guests tripping over something and falling. Go for LED lights that are energy-efficient. You can even get colour lights and change the colour to suit the music or the theme. It is a great way to make your poolside party shine.

Consider getting a screen 

Watching a movie or a popular show on a big screen is one way to have fun during a party. During winter, your guests would love to snuggle in a comfortable chair covered by a blanket. With the lights off, get a large screen and show a movie that will entertain your guests. You can even show home videos if you wish.

Serve warm drinks 

Warm drinks when the weather is cool will warm the insides of your guests. The colder the weather, let the drinks be warmer. Depending on your guest profile, you can choose to serve alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic. Hot cinnamon vanilla milk is a great choice. If you have kids, then hot chocolate is the best option.

Have a varied menu 

When the weather is cold, people don’t like to overeat. Instead of a heavy meal, you can consider offering a variety of snacks. This ensures people don’t overeat and feel lethargic. Snacks are ideal for a pool party and easy to serve. You can serve snacks easily on disposable plates and avoid the trouble of washing up later. Sausage sandwiches, heart-shaped cookies, cheese and beef sliders, chicken meatballs, hot dogs, marshmallows, and even a pizza can be on your menu. If you have a barbeque, you can make the party all the more interesting. Serve a variety of barbequed dishes that are hot and delicious.

Try out the ideas given above to enjoy a great pool party. These ideas will make your pool parties popular. You can contact a pool consultant or contractor if you want to install a fire pit or add any accessories to spruce up your pool area.

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