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Feel the Comfort of Cooling – The Mystery Lies in the Story of Your Air Conditioner


It is not unusual to feel discomfort in hot and humid weather, especially in our country. This is because our body has its internal temperature.

Reasons to opt for an air conditioner:

An air conditioner (AC) is an electronic appliance suited to maintain heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. in an area where it is installed. Air conditioners can control the humidity levels of the surrounding environment. Thus, they create a comforting atmosphere, and sometimes, they could also help cope with some ill conditions like heat-related health issues, attacks due to asthma problems, dehydration, allergies, and a sound sleep.

Apart from the health issues, ACs help in creating a cleaner and germ-free environment. That is why health-centric and non-contaminated places are usually found with air conditioners.

Types of air conditioners:

Air conditioners generally come with two types of designs- .

  • One is the window AC which is usually installed at windows. They are square box-shaped structures with fans, compressors, evaporating coil, etc, attached to the main body.
  • Another is the split AC. This generally is rectangular in appearance. In the case of split AC, the fan, compressor, evaporating coil, and other machinery parts are compacted separately from the main body of the AC. A split AC could be installed anywhere in the room, at the upper portion of the wall. The main machinery is installed distantly from the body of the AC.

Although both window AC and split AC serve the purpose fruitfully, split AC is usually more preferable due to its appearance and home cooling effect.

Depending upon the cooling capacity, AC comes with different tonnages. An AC can be of 0.8 ton, 1ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, etc. These stars usually appear as red stickers on the body of the AC. Star rating varies from 1 to 5. The star rating is important to understand the power consumption of the AC. A higher star rating means that AC could cool the room faster with lesser power consumption. The room size at which the AC is installed is important to figure out the capacity of the AC being installed. For rooms of 150-200 square ft. size, a 1 ton 5 star AC will cause effective cooling. Larger rooms require 1.5 to 2 ton AC.

It is always a choice to select an AC with better cooling quality but lesser power requirement. Inverter AC is the best option for that. There are some advantages of inverter ACs.

Inverters ACs now are available with some more features like:

  1. Condenser made of 100% copper
  2. Dual cool technology
  3. Improved air quality indoor with PM 2.5
  4. Advanced refrigerant
  5. Advanced functioning etc.

Air conditioners help create a comfortable atmosphere in extremely hot and humid conditions. They help to control moisture-related germs and are even useful during some serious health hazards. They are of utmost utility for certain  instruments that remain active only at a low room temperature. Window ACs are more often used in offices and organizations, while the market of split AC in India is higher for home cooling. Whatever be the choice, cooling comfort is always one of the keys to a refreshed mind and body.

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