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Going to be away from home? Here are some smart ways to keep it safe


Our homes are the one place where we want to stay as safe as possible. It is where we sleep, where we live and where our families come together. It is easy enough to keep your home safe when you are there, but what about if you are heading on a trip or a holiday?

Using smart home experts, ensures that you always feel that your house is safe, even when you are not there to protect it. So, why not take a look at some of the smartest ways that you can try to keep your home secure whilst you are away?

TV on in the evening

During those evening hours, many of us will settle down in front of the TV, which means that if you want it to look like someone is home, this might be the best idea. Not only does it give the appearance of someone being there, but having a TV on will generate noise, another thing that will put criminals off of wanting to break in.

It is easy enough to set for your TV to come on at specific points in the day with a smart system.

Set your lights on a timer

The more a home appears to be dark and empty, the more likely a criminal will want to target it. If you want it to appear that you are home, you will need to have lights that come on and off on a usual “human schedule”. You also want to make sure that the lights in different rooms come on at different times, as it would be like in our usual everyday lives.

Use smart sensors

Smart sensors are one of the most valuable tools in protecting your home when you are away. These are designed to work in a variety of ways. Some will be motion sensors, while others will have cameras, locks, and doorbells. All of these things aim to detect any activity that could be seen as suspicious within your house. It will then alert you to know that something is happening back at home.

In order to get the most from one of these systems, you are going to need to make sure that you have all the relevant notifications turned on. You also need to ensure that the batteries within them are full. You can, of course, simply drop in as and when you want to; however, when you are away from home, then chances are that you will be trying to relax.

If you are now thinking that home automation installation services might be a good idea for your home, then get in touch with a smart home installer? They can help make sure that your home is as safe as it can be and that you don’t have to worry about what will happen when you are away.

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