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Granite Slab vs. Prefabricated Granite: Which Is Better?


Once you decide to install granite counter tops in your bathroom and kitchen, some decisions will still be made. One of these decisions may include choosing between granite prefab and granite slab. So you might be wondering what their differences are and why you need to choose one and not the other.

Granite Slabs

These are basically custom-made materials from a stone or single slab. Homeowners may go for suppliers and choose granite slabs in SLC, depending on the textures and colors they want.

Although granite slabs are expensive, they are all unique. That means you will get a complete, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Prefab Granite

This is a material already cut to standard dimensions before they reach distributors. Since prefabricated granite is made with a standardized and limited range of options, it is affordable compared to granite slabs. But in general, care for prefabricated granite is the same as that of slabs.

Key Differences

As far as creating your master bath or dream kitchen is concerned, counter tops made of natural stones are suitable options for adding value to your home and improving its appearance.

Whether you prefer granite slabs or prefabricated granite, natural stones may result in durable work surfaces and functional counter tops.

Although both slabs and prefab granite use natural stones, there are key differences between these two. These differences are in the form of the following:

1. Cost

Prefabricated granite materials are less costly compared to granite slabs. Because they are manufactured as well as fabricated in bulk, there will need for distributors to have them cut and fabricated.

What you lose in customization and option, you will ultimately win back in the bottom line of your projects. They are also a suitable fit in settings where ROI is a major concern, like:

  • Investment properties
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial kitchens

2. Dimensions

With a prefabricated granite counter top, the dimensions are usually set in stone. For homeowners with some standard cabinets in their kitchen, prefab counters may work great when it comes to your renovation.

If you require more surface area and have L-shaped counter tops, you may consider connecting those two pieces together with a seam.

But if you plan to create a custom-built kitchen, going for slab counter tops will be a suitable option. You will not just be flexible to the counter top dimensions. You may as well design slabs in order to accommodate deeper or oversized island counter tops.

3. Designs

A prefabricated granite counter top comes in uniform colors and standard sizes. They are easier to install and less costly than granite slabs, making them suitable for homeowners with a tight budget.

However, compared to prefabricated granite counter tops, they have fewer customization and design options.

In a Nutshell!

Whether you prefer prefabricated granite or granite slab counter tops, it is vital to know that both consist of natural stones, thus requiring a higher level of maintenance and care than laminate and other options.

But as for your final decision, it should all come down to weighing different options, including quality, b

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