Choose a Quality Listing Agent

How Can I Choose a Quality Listing Agent?


When you want to sell your house, you will want to get the best price for it. Selling your house might not be the best decision, mainly if it is strategically located. Selling a house can be overwhelming, especially if you do it independently. Therefore, hiring a listing agent to take you through the process is advisable. Selling agents will help you navigate the selling obstacles while maximizing the property’s value.

On the other hand, you can use a real estate network in partnership with a local real estate agent. For instance, if you sell your property on the French Riviera, you must first acquire a local real estate agent. Since hiring a listing agent can also be stressful, this article will provide a guideline on choosing quality agents.

Avoid the Brokerage and Focus on the Agent

Even though brokerage companies might offer excellent training to their agents, this does not guarantee that the agent will deliver. Remember that these real estate agents are independent contractors and not employees. Thus, there are no specific rules governing them. Therefore, the service quality depends more on an individual agent, not the brokerage. It is essential to focus on the agent’s capabilities rather than the office they belong to.

Be on the Lookout for the All Sizzle, No Steak Sales Pitch

Regardless of the business sector, most agents might appear to be focused until you sign the listing agreement. They will then change drastically and become challenging to work with. On the other hand, some other agents may be good at communicating but let you down when it comes to business acumen or market knowledge. Remember that after signing the listing agreement, your agent will have the right to sell your property for about 2-6 months. This makes it legally challenging to get a new agent.

It is best to avoid signing the agreement immediately; instead, take your time to read it carefully and research the agent’s performance.

Ask for References

If an agent is good at their work, they will not hesitate to give references to clients they have worked for. It is advisable to see the actual work or hear from real clients instead of believing by word of mouth. If the agent provides you with a list of the clients they have worked for, this signifies they are still on good terms since they delivered to their expectations. Take the time to call several clients and analyze their feedback on the work done for them.

Consider the Agent’s Experience

Finance and real estate experts advise that it is best to hire an agent with two or more years of experience dealing with full-time home sales. This way, you can be guaranteed that the agent has adequate real estate knowledge, including deadlines to meet and forms to file. Also, consider the agent’s transaction per year and average days on the market.

The real estate market is not simple; thus, it requires commitment and focus. Invest in a quality listing agent to get the best offers.

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