Authentic Sheepskin Rug

How to Identify an Authentic Sheepskin Rug


A sheepskin rug is a luxurious addition to any room in your home, adding a touch of cosiness as well as visual appeal. However, not all sheepskin rugs are authentic. There are many affordable imitations that you should be wary of when shopping for a new rug. An authentic sheepskin rug will be soft and lightweight, with delicate hairs that feel pleasant against the skin. A fake one won’t stand up to scrutiny and will feel much heavier than it looks. To determine whether or not your potential new sheepskin rug is authentic, examine the fibres and the way it was made. Authentic sheepskin rugs have specific characteristics that set them apart from fakes. With this guidance, you can purchase an authentic piece at a fair price and avoid falling prey to cheap imitations with poor quality. 

Examine the colour and fibres

The first thing to examine is the colour of the rug. Fake sheepskin rugs are often dyed to cover up imperfections or conceal a less desirable shade. The colour should be an even shade without any sort of variation. If you see differences in shade, this is a sign that the rug has been dyed. Real sheepskin is a natural product and will be a consistent colour. It will not be an even hue, but a mixture of different shades of the same colour.

If you’re examining a genuine sheepskin rug, the fibres should be thin and delicate. The texture should be soft and fluffy, and the fibrescan gently fall off the surface when you rub the rug with your hand. Fake sheepskin rugs usually have thick fibres that don’t fall off easily. The texture is often rough and unrefined.

Examine the stitching

Another aspect to examine is the stitching. Real sheepskin rugs are stitched together with a single thread that matches the colour of the rug. The stitching should be even and delicate, with small knots. On fake sheepskin rugs, the stitching will often be a different colour than the rug. This stitching is also often bulky and uneven and may be knotted in a larger knot. If you see a pattern of stitching, it’s likely that the rug is a fake. Real sheepskin is not stitched with a pattern. This is another indication that the rug is fake, as genuine sheepskin rugs are not bound together. On a fake sheepskin rug, the edges will often be bound. A genuine sheepskin rug will be free-floating, with no binding around the edges.

Check the label

The label is another thing to examine closely. The label will indicate what type of sheep the skin came from and the country of origin. If the label is fake, it will be printed, not handwritten. A fake label can also have incorrect information like misspelled words and false details about the origin of the skin. If the label is handwritten, it’s likely that you’re looking at an authentic sheepskin rug. Authentic sheepskin rugs have a specific label that certifies that the product is real sheepskin.

Assess the weight

You can also weigh the rug to determine whether it’s authentic. A genuine sheepskin rug will be significantly lighter than a fake one. Real sheepskin rugs weigh approximately two pounds, while fake sheepskin rugs can weigh up to eight pounds. Depending on the size of the rug, you can simply lift it with both hands to get an idea of its weight. If the rug feels too heavy, it’s likely that it’s fake.

Authentic sheepskin care and maintenance

Sheepskin naturally repels dirt and is very easy to clean—simply brush it with a soft brush or vacuum it. You can also wash your sheepskin rug with gentle soap and water. Let it air dry, and place it on a flat surface to avoid warping. For regular maintenance, you can also dust the rug with a dry brush, making sure not to brush too hard. You should avoid using any sort of cleaning product that is not intended for sheepskin. If you have a heavily soiled rug, you can try spot cleaning it with a soft cloth and water. As with any other type of rug, you should rotate your sheepskin rug and turn it over every few months to prevent wear and tear. You can also place a sheepskin rug on a rug pad, which will provide added comfort and protection on the floor.


A genuine sheepskin rug from Hide Rugs is a luxurious addition to any home. The best way to identify authentic sheepskin is to examine the fibres, stitching, and label. If you see any of the signs outlined in this article, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a real sheepskin rug. When shopping for a sheepskin rug, keep these factors in mind to avoid purchasing an imitation.

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