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How to Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal this Winter in Just a Few Steps


When you choose to sell in winter, you’re working against a few nice curb appeal aspects, including the bright green of the grass or leaves on any vegetation around your home. However, it is entirely possible to create excellent curb appeal even in the dead of winter, drawing in your potential buyers using an air of comfort and coziness that invites them out of the cold. Here are just a few things that great real estate agents would recommend you do; choosing a real estate agent can also give you more ideas that are specific to your home’s sale!

Tidy and Trim Makes a Huge Difference

No matter the season, a yard with shaggy grass and scraggly bushes or trees is going to look a little more neglected than one with a nice uniform yard and well-shaped shrubbery. When it comes time to list, get a great landscaper to do some basic care on the yard and you’ll be amazed how good it looks. A big plus is that, in winter, grass doesn’t grow up within only a few days, so your new tidy and trim yard will look better for much longer.

For Holiday Season, Wreaths and Window Candles Are Cheery and Classy

While there are certainly some who would love it, this might be the year to put away the holiday figurines and elaborate light display. The name of the game with curb appeal is to look inviting but not particularly personalized. A great in-between if you’re selling near the holidays is to put small battery-powered candle lights in the front windows and a simple wreath on the front door. Of course, you can work with your real estate agent to personalize further if you like, but just a few small touches can go a long way with curb appeal, drawing eyes to your ‘for sale’ sign as well.

Siding Washing or New Paint Can Still Brighten a Facade, Even in Winter

If the weather isn’t too cold for it, you can use the same strong curb appeal strategies that work in the summer, such as getting older siding pressure washed or having a new coat of paint put on the exterior of the home. The return on these improvements can be hard to quantify, but a real estate agent may recommend them if they think that your curb appeal still needs that wow factor.

Let Someone Else Handle The Curb Appeal: Sell Your Home for Cash!

If you really want to sell in the winter quickly, you may not want to fool with the efforts to curb appeal at all! Another option is to sell your house for cash to someone who will do the rest of the work to sell it to a primary residence down the road. While this isn’t for everyone, if the situation seems to merit a fast, drama-free sale, this is a good option to consider.

No matter how you spruce up your home this winter, remember that the potential homebuyers will appreciate that there are homes on the market when they are looking, no matter the season. The extra mile of improving curb appeal can really make a difference!

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