How to start a plumbing business


How to start a plumbing business ? There are several steps you need to take: choosing a legal status , earning a plumbing degree, completing an Installation Preparation Internship (SPI), and registering your business. The plumber’s activity can be exercised in the form of a company, or under the status of auto-entrepreneur. Be aware, however, that this is a regulated activity, that is to say that the standards provided for by law must be known and respected during its exercise.

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The legal form for a plumbing company

You are free to choose the legal form in which you will practice plumbing. You have the choice between the different forms of companies , and the status of auto-entrepreneur.

The most suitable status will mainly depend on your:

initial investment,

willingness to share the profits or not,  desire to separate or unify the assets of your company and your personal heritage,

Other factors may come into play, such as social coverage and tax benefits .

The plumbing company

Choosing to practice plumbing as a corporation is more beneficial if:

you want to join forces (therefore share future profits and losses),
you want to limit your liability to the extent of your contribution (civil and criminal),

you want to separate the assets of your business and your personal assets,
There are various forms of companies, namely: SARL , SAS, SNC, SA … etc.

Find our simulator which will help you find the shape to choose for your business .

The self-employed plumber

Self-employed person status would suit you better if:

you want to unite your personal assets and that of your company,
you want total independence.
With this status, you will benefit from a simplification :

accounting requirements

of the social system since you pay a single social contribution which covers all your social protection (illness, retirement, maternity and family allowances)
of your taxation since the auto-entrepreneur depends on the micro-tax system
However, this status is limited since there are important thresholds for the auto-entrepreneur beyond which the tax status changes.

In addition, be aware that this status has significant drawbacks .

To find out more, read our article on the advantages and disadvantages of being a self-employed person .

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