Roof Protected from Mold

Keep Your Roof Protected from Mold


Mold can cause a lot of problems for commercial buildings. Ideally, you want to tackle early mold signs head-on before it escalates into a much bigger issue. Doing so prevents the possibility of closing shop for multiple days for comprehensive mold remediation services Madison.

Mold grows anywhere, and the roof is not an exception. However, you can prevent mold growth on the roof by following these tips.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutters and drainage system are one of the major culprits of mold growth on the roof. Note that, a residential type of drainage system should not be ideally installed in a commercial building. Getting the right drainage system and gutter for your commercial building is vital. Be sure to check your gutters and drainage systems for blockage. Remove all debris, whether big or small, from the drainage. Accumulation of debris clogs the drainage. Check to see if the drainage system doesn’t dump water too close to the building, so it doesn’t damage the foundation.


Your roof protects you and your properties from the elements. It is your first defense against rain, storm, sunshine, and anything you could think of. Regular roof maintenance helps you detect problems and get them fixed at the early stages. Roof leakage can cause mold growth in the home. When a large tree covers your roof, it can also cause mold growth. Since the tree branches shade a part of your roof, it can take longer for that area to dry when wet. This makes a perfect condition for mold growth. Trim down tree branches growing over your roof. Attend to roof problem immediately if it is detected. Don’t wait till it escalates. You will end up spending more to get it fixed.

Remove Any Form of Standing Water

Another major cause of mold is standing water on top of a roof. This is usually a major problem of a flat-style roof. If during roof inspection, you discover standing water on the roof, this means your drainage needs to be checked.


Mold can grow anywhere moisture is found. Commercial roofs, for instance, experience excess condensation. To get rid of excess moisture from the air, the ideal thing to do is to install a dehumidifier. Eliminating moisture excesses from the air limits the chances of mold growth in the building.

Hire Mold Remediation Service Providers

Exposure to mold is not ideal healthwise. It can cause serious health risks, particularly for those with weak immune systems, such as the elderly and infants. As an organization, you should secure the mold remediation services Madison to help get rid of mold growth. Once mold starts spreading, eliminating it can be a big battle. Mold remediation service companies can help you out. But remember, the more extensive the mold infestation, the costlier the remediation process.

There are many ways to prevent mold growth. Carrying out regular roof maintenance and checking to see if the drainage functions effectively are just some of them. And if you see the littlest signs of mold growth in your organization, call on a professional mold remediation company for help immediately.

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