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Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Why It Is Never Too Early to Examine Super Bowl Party Ideas



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, hosting a Super Bowl party takes courage. You know your home is going to end up a mess, whether your team loses or wins. If you actually want to take the burden of hosting a Super Bowl party, it’s never too early to examine super bowl party ideas. Let’s check out how you should plan yours.

The Discussion

  1. Number of people – The number of people you invite for the party should match the space you have. Keep it up to 10 people if you have an apartment and invite as many as 20 if you have a house. However, keeping it well below the maximum capacity is always a wiser choice so that you can account for people who bring their plus ones. The goal is to invite as many people as you can keep your eyes on. You don’t want to be in an awkward situation where you catch someone drunk out of their mind with puke on the floor and half of their body on your bed.
  1. Don’t go out of the inner circle – When it’s your property that’s at risk of becoming a mess, it’s best to invite just close friends and their significant others. You don’t want acquaintances who come on way too strong or just sit in the corner and say a word or two during the commercials. While you could make the effort to make a new person feel more welcome and accepted, that’s just too exhausting and it’s not going to be your priority when you’re trying to make sure everyone behaves in your home.
  2. Food and beverage – When it comes to food, you need to foot the bill. That’s how grownups throw parties. If you rely on a Super Bowl potluck, it’s going to be a sad evening. There’s always going to be one cheapskate who will bring a tiny ice container as his or her donation. Keep those snacks light, less greasy, and meaty. That’s the stuff that goes down well with alcohol. If you have vegan friends, you need to offer such options as well.

When it comes to drinks, make sure to have plenty of water and stash the refrigerator with ice. You can even rent an ice maker for the party. Buy a few giant packs of small water bottles and keep them inside coolers or trays of ice. As long as people stay hydrated, they are in a positive state of mind. For alcohol, buy beer, wine, and non-clear spirits. Non-clear spirits like scotch and bourbon are usually on sale before Super Bowl nights. It would help you save money. When it comes to beer, choose something light so that people don’t sleep or barf through the second half.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the tips mentioned above or draw inspiration from them to throw a successful Super Bowl party. With a well-planned Super Bowl party, you’ll retain at least some control and won’t regret your decision the next morning.

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