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Packing Hacks: Making Your Move Easier


Do you plan to move bulky furniture, kitchen appliances, and other fragile items to your new home?  Well, this is never easy and involves packing and loading your valuables to a mover truck or portable moving container which can be tiresome. However, professional movers make this easier! These are experts with vast experience and know how to pack and haul different types of household or office items within a short time.  But, you can also pack like a pro, here are hacks to ease packing and enhance your moving experience;


1. Prepare ahead

Packing requires time, and you want to avoid the last-minute rush. Therefore, plan everything in advance and have a checklist of all the important tasks. Examples may include acquiring quality boxes and other packing supplies to seeking professional help.  If you need a portable mover container, book this early and ensure it fits your type of goods. The Drop A Box team will help you choose the most suitable portable unit.


2. Declutter to save on mover costs

Packing can be hectic especially when moving all the unwanted items in your home. But, you can ease the process by doing away with all you don’t need.

Only pack what you will need in your new home, and put aside unwanted items. This way, you ease packing and lower mover costs. For the unwanted items, you can sell or donate to charity. Also, consider selling bulky items such as furniture and electronic appliances and acquire new ones in your new residence.


3. Mind the essentials!

 Not everything will go into the truck or van! Essentials like clothes, toothbrushes, kids toys, drinking water, etc should be easily accessible. Therefore, set aside an essentials bag, and put everything you may need during the move. Remember you may be unable to move and unpack the same day. If possible carry the essential bag in your car for easy access.


4. Pack per room and label all boxes

 Pack room by room, this ensures that you put similar items in one box. For instance, begin with the bedroom, and only move to other rooms once done. Also, avoid mixing items from different rooms, this makes unpacking quicker and easier. Label all boxes and indicate the contents and the destination room. Doing this helps track what you have packed, and helps in handling the boxes. The movers will exercise caution depending on the type of items contained.


5. Tape the boxes well

Use tape to seal the top and bottom seams of all the boxes. Wrap around the edges to avoid spilling of the contents during transit. Use bubble wrap and foam or blankets to fill any space in the boxes. This will avoid movement within the boxes which can cause breakage. In case of expensive artwork and jewelry, ask the movers if they offer special crating.


In conclusion, hiring professional movers will help ease packing, thus saving time. They will supply the right packing materials and help pack all your valuables. Moving gets easier knowing that you never have to worry about bulky or fragile items. Hire experts and ensure the safety of your items during your move!

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