Residential Pests

Seasonal Residential Pests and the Way You Can Eradicate Them


Residential pests often prefer their own choice of the season to invade your home sweet home. If you are not sure whether your house is secretly nesting any pest or not, you can get your home inspected with residential pest control and ward off any chances of infestation. You should never let these pests take over your home. They grow up right under your nose and create massive damage to your property. However, learning about a few areas of pest control is exceptionally essential.

So, here’s what experts from 24-hour residential pest control Brisbane recommend to secure your property.

Seal all gaps

When looking for all of the potential ways pests might be sneaking, it is essential to watch out for small, unleashed gaps. These are generally electrical lines and pipes that enter your house. Pests, including bugs, mice, and birds, prefer gaps.

When you call residential bees control Brisbane for inspection purposes, they’ll focus on such areas; moreover, they’ll close or use expanding foam insulation to work on the touchpoints.

Fresh Herbs

Herbs are the reasons for pests, including mosquitoes, bees and other insects. Our experts recommend throwing some rosemary or sage on the coals to keep the mosquitoes away. However, in severe circumstances, it’s best to utilize repellants.

Repair Torn Screens

Windows screens, mosquito nets and similar barriers protect summer pests. However, this is possible only if they are complete. You need to make sure that the frames are in good condition. Besides, repairs are easy and can be completed in no time. Therefore, make sure to work on these areas.

Food sources

Food sources are one of the areas that attract pests. For kinder homeowners, there’s human pest control that helps save your garden; if you set up a bird feeder with the help of residential bird bug control Brisbane at the opposite end of the home. You could attract animals to that side and make sure that’s where they head for food. Moreover, this method works out best for smaller animals. However, you need to ensure that there’s a constant supply of food.

White Vinegar to Deter Ants

Ants leave a trail, making it easier for other ants to find their way to food. In order to wash away the trail, residential pest control companies use a natural solution made from white vinegar, water, peppermint/eucalyptus oil. This helps eliminate house pests.

Seasonal variation on pest movement and pattern

Pests are always looking for a warm and safe shelter and dependable food source. Some of the more alluring places are definitely the place you reside or work. Since pests are affected by the seasonal changes, the threats they pose shift as the weather changes.


In the spring, ice melts and temperatures warm. The warmth attracts pests from their winter nesting spots. Bees and wasps awaken from their dormant states. Also, there’s termite, and excess rain brings ants in search of higher grounds.

In the springtime, it is highly essential to run residential pest control. While pests would be looking for protected places, the experts will be mindful of changes, helping you control the growth.


Summer offers a reprieve from insects and pests seeking shelter. Also, the increase in mosquitoes is often from heavy spring and summer rains. Water sources are a common ground for breeding.

Other insects, including ticks, bees, and wasps, may build their homes in an opening of the house. Bees and wasps are annoying and present health risks when they attack humans. Therefore, it’s best to call residential bees control and free up your property from further health hazards.


Once the temperature drops in pests and insects start seeking a warm and sheltered place, you may encounter an influx of spiders, ladybugs, or boxelder bugs into the residence. Significant pests, including rats, maybe searching for an entry point into your home. You need to take the appropriate step.


For most insects, colder winter weather indicates that it is time to find shelter. Others may migrate to warmer weather or outlast the winter months in their nymph, egg or larvae stages in the ground.

When you are attentive to seasonal insects, you can deal with unwanted pests and insects visiting the house.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control


Prevention first

It is highly essential to have a prevention first policy. Moreover, here’s what you need to acknowledge if you want to keep the overall area pest-free.

  • Remove sources of food, water and shelter
  • Store food in sealed plastic and remove garbage regularly from home
  • Mend leaky plumbing and don’t let water bank anywhere in the home
  • Clutter builds sites for pests to breed and hide. Get rid of things like newspapers, magazines or cardboard
  • Learn about pests control by searching “residential pest control services near me.

Safe and correct use of pesticides

If you plan to go for a DIY option, you need to know the best about its usage. Some of the critical areas you should emphasize include

  • Keep pets and children away from regions where pesticides have been implemented
  • Pesticides not contained in baits and traps should be used to targeted locations, not sprayed over the whole area
  • Utilize fogging devices only when essential
  • Read and follow pesticides label’s instruction and safety warning
  • Whenever possible, go for ready-to-use products
  • When calling residential pest controlexperts, ask them to find and correct the source of the problem


  • Never use outdoor chemicals indoor as they will remain toxic
  • Don’t think that twice as much is sufficient
  • Don’t transfer pesticides to other containers
  • Don’t use empty pesticides container to store anything else
  • Never use too many pesticides as it can endanger the family’s health

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