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Selecting a Chandelier: Key Considerations


The epitome of decorative lighting is a chandelier. A chandelier is the crown jewel of a space, drawing attention to its architecture, furniture, and décor. Choosing a chandelier may be difficult since there are so many alternatives and so many uses inside the house, including dining rooms, dens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. However, if you follow a few design guidelines and installation suggestions when you look for affordable chandelier, you’ll be well on your way to adorning your area appropriately and in the most delicate ornamental manner.

Whether you’re looking for something to adorn your entryway, set the tone in your dining room, or add flair to another area in your house, they are the traditional options for creating a big impact. In addition to design and materials, consider size, light output, kind of light source, dimming capabilities, and other factors when selecting the best chandelier for your living space.

Before selecting a chandelier for your living room, you should consider the following vital factors:

  • Size/scale, Light output direction (glare vs glitter), and Control

Size/scale, light output direction (glare vs sparkle), and control are the three most important aspects to consider while choosing a chandelier.

To position your chandelier as the focal point of a space, you may utilise the following guidelines if it is not being put over a table.

  • Determine the room’s length and breadth in feet.
  • Combine the two numbers.
  • The diameter of your chandelier should match the sum of the two dimensions.

This is merely a beginning point, but it is useful, nevertheless.

  • The Completeness of your Chandelier

For a more modern appearance, go for nickel or chrome finishes. More often than not, bronze finishes are seen on transitional lighting fixtures. In current design, chrome and silver are often employed. Simple patterns with a minimal amount of ornamentation are also well-liked. Keep in mind that your chandelier’s finish and materials should complement the remainder of the room’s design. There are a multitude of chandelier types and sets available. Traditional chandeliers have their lights facing upward, while the most formal lighting fixtures include naked bulbs. The inclusion of glass or chandelier shades reduces formality, resulting in a more informal environment.

Chandeliers with downward lighting provide a more welcoming atmosphere. When it comes to job lighting, a more informal style allows you to use your chandelier as an aesthetic piece as well. Metal surfaces have a more formal appearance than painted surfaces.

  • The Function of Chandeliers

Chandeliers are intended to provide style and mood to a space, so do not rely on them as the major source of illumination. One of the most frequent chandelier mistakes is hanging the fixture upside down. Putting a single bulb in the centre of a room and expecting it to illuminate the whole area is a formula for the poor lighting. This is compounded by the fact that many chandeliers have exposed lights. If your chandelier is just ornamental, it might serve as the room’s main point, highlighting the beauty of your furniture and décor. Nonetheless, if you need task lighting, search for a fixture with a downlight to illuminate the space underneath it. Installing a dimmer switch will give the adaptability necessary for either use. The soft glow created by dimming the lights is reminiscent of candlelight, making it excellent for evening gatherings. Chandeliers are most effective as a secondary source of illumination, and they appear considerably better when combined with tiered lighting.

Many LED chandeliers are completely dimmable when paired with a suitable low-voltage dimmer, but this is something you should confirm before purchasing. Check each fixture’s specs before reading the manufacturer’s recommendations for dimmers. Not every dimmer works with every light fixture.

While the aforementioned procedures can assist you in selecting the best chandelier for your living room, numerous orientation centres will help you see how your chosen chandelier will look in your living room.

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