Stucco Repair vs. Replacement

Stucco Repair vs. Replacement: Making the Right Choice


Stucco helps provide your home exterior with a unique textured appearance and some practical value. Additionally, it’s mould resistant and seamless and helps to soundproof buildings. However, you need regular maintenance and follow some set processes to care for your stucco to enjoy these benefits. One of the most significant debates that stucco house owners’ debate about is if they need to consider stucco repair or replace the whole structure. Each choice has pros and cons that you need to weigh to know the best choice.

You should note that stucco often develops holes and cracks that can leak water, which damages it. If you are perplexed about the best solution for your stucco problems between repairing and replacing stucco, you are in the right place. Here are facts to help you decide the best solution for your stucco.

Situation When Your Stucco Falls

There are various reasons why your stucco might be falling, which is crucial when deciding the right action to take. The stucco often fails due to poor window and door installation, which prevents adequate water run-off. Other reasons include

  • Broken seals on the vents
  • Poor deck installation without barrier membranes
  • Flashing problems that impact water diversion lead to stucco deterioration
  • Trouble during the transition from stucco to other materials, such as stone or brick

Signs your stucco is falling

It’s crucial to note when your stucco fails to have adequate time to plan and prepare for your next move. If you are unsure of the signs, you can contact a stucco contractor to inspect your house and advise you on the best action. It’s often challenging to note these signs unless you are keen or when it’s too late. Some of the common signs include

  • Dry rot around your windows
  • Water leakage through floors, walls or the ceiling.
  • Smell mould around your home
  • Cracks and flakes
  • decolorization around the window

If you notice some of these signs, don’t hesitate to call a reputable, reliable contractor to inspect your stucco. Don’t forget to ask for their input and quotation of either strategy to see which will fit you.

What You Should Know About Repairing Stucco

If you already have stucco in your house, removing it and replacing it while a new material can be pretty expensive. To avoid all the hassle and cost, you can work with a reputable stucco contractor to refinish and repair it. However, you need the pros to evaluate your stucco and determine if it’s still attached to its lath. This helps them decide if your stucco needs repair or to be replaced. Further, the contractor will determine the best strategy to reattach the fallen stucco to the lath.

Stucco Replacement

Stucco replacement, also known as stucco remediation, includes the total replacement of your wall system. This helps fix issues that lead to damage to the stucco. The process involves more in-depth intervention requiring a team of experts to remove a masterpiece.

To Sum it Up

If you have minor issues without an underlying cause, you need to consider repairs as your best option. However, if major and recurring damages are caused due to underlying problems, or you want to change from stucco, you can consider a replacement. It’s, however, crucial to contact a stucco expert to inspect your house and give recommendations.

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