Make Your Home Look Expensive

The Best Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive


There are many ways to make a house look costly without spending a lot of money. The best way to achieve this is to look for simple yet functional ways.

Some of the ways you can consider are:

1. Perfect the Window Treatments

A full-length curtain can make your space feel more luxurious and custom. And more importantly, hanging curtain rods high can make the ceilings look higher. Mostly, high ceilings are associated with luxurious interiors.

For homeowners using curtains, ensure you hang them at full length. In addition, ensure the curtain panels are wide not just wide but also have enough amount of fabric. This makes them look luxe.

2. Incorporate Indoor Plants

Using indoor plants to decorate comes with many benefits. These plants produce oxygen through the process called photosynthesis, reduce stress, and improve your productivity when you include them in your home office.

Just start small with two or three houseplants. But whichever way you prefer, shop now for houseplants to make your home look fresh.

3. Use Layered Lighting

Lighting is among the important aspects often overlooked. There are many light sources you may use in the living space. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money and still make the space look modern and expensive.

For instance, you may use pendant lighting instead of traditional table lamps. Like most homeowners, you will also like it more if you place candles in reflective and pretty hurricane containers.

4. Switch to Marble or Granite

Get rid of laminate countertops and then replace them with granite or marble. Laminate flooring will not reduce the value, but with countertops, most individuals look for nice things to avoid replacing them.

5. Add Crown Molding

This is a great investment you shouldn’t overlook. It has more ROI because it increases the value of architectural components of the entire structure.

If you can’t afford to add crown molding to the whole house, concentrate on the major areas of the house, like the dining room and living room.

Because molding is often installed in sections, you can add additional rooms later in the future if you want to. And with seasonal changes in temperature, crown molding can contract and expand, making fault look more apparent. But ensure the work is done well, as shoddy work can look horrible over time.

6. Reduce the Clutter

Can you imagine a nightstand flowing with a month’s worth of water glasses or junk mail on the dining room table? Does either of these look costly to you?

When decorating your home, less clutter is important. Clutter usually makes a space look smaller and plain uninviting. So ensure you declutter everything unnecessary, from clothing and pile of shoes blocking the entryway to coffee table books and appliances in the kitchen countertops.

The Take a way!

With little diligence and forethought, you may do a lot of things to make your house look more luxurious and expensive. You can achieve this with simple yet functional home improvement ideas, like incorporating green plants and using proper lighting, to name a few.

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