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The Home Automation Systems to add brain to your luxurious home!


If had you asked us back in 1921 about what adds luxury to a home, we might have said about wood, lighting, jewels, rugs, etc. But what now in 2021 and beyond? What does luxury mean in now? Many things! But most importantly it would be complete home automation. India’s best Real Estate Services always encourage home automation today. Best Luxury Property Architects, Builders and Real Estate Investment Consultants in India always suggest people to stay updated with technology and make use of it. But what if you are dealing with some poor real estate architect?

You must hold the knowledge about many home automation systems beforehand. It will not only save you from follies but can help you think creatively about the untold possibilities.

Different Home Automation Systems that India’s Best Real Estate Services use!

What would it feel like entering your bedroom and seeing those warm lights turning on by themselves? Would not it make you feel like some lord? Or what about entering the bathroom and finding that the water already has the perfect temperature? Luxury is not just about spending crores on tiles and pools and lights and woods and whatnot! Luxury in modern times is also about having the perfect home automation systems installed in your home. If your home is not automated, it lacks the modern luxury!

Any of India’s best Real Estate Services will automatically guide you about home automation. But they might not tell you all. Wise is in knowing things beforehand! Thus, here are a few home automation systems that can add grace and luxury to your home and turn it smart.

What must luxurious automation be like?

  • Your home must listen and speak to you. If you want the lights to be dim, just say it. If you want the bedroom to get locked, just say it.
  • Your home must also prepare things for you beforehand. If it is time for your shower, the water must already have the right temperature. If you are leaving home, your garage door must open on its own.

The Automated Lighting System!

An automated lighting system is something that has been around for some years. now it has grown further and can easily hear the voice commands using software like Google, Alexa, Siri, etc. There already are some big players around in the market that have worked on IoT (Internet of Things) where you’d be able to control many different appliances using these simple sorts of software. Here are a few of the famous automation software:

  • Amazon Echo – It uses Alexa as the voice technology.
  • Google Nest Hub – It uses Google Assistant.
  • Wink Hub – it uses its own mobile app and can control things like lighting, locks, etc. The only drawback is that it does not use any voice commands.
  • Samsung SmartThings – it does not have a voice command of its own but uses Google or Alexa instead.
  • Apple Homekit – it also supports thousands of things and uses its own voice technology called Siri.

These are some of the leading software in the market that can control your lighting system automatically. All you have to do is either speak to the software or operate the software manually. The amount of lighting can also be controlled. If it is too bright for the night, dim it down using a command. It is something that all India’s best Real Estate Services use in luxury villas.

Furthermore, there also are lightbulbs and led in the market that detects any human motion and turns on only when you step inside and turn off when you go out.

Controlling the many devices using an application!

The A.C. does not have the right temperature, but you too are laze-sodden. There is not a bit of energy to get up and change the temperature. This is where the Internet of Things comes in. There are appliances around that you can turn on and off using your internet network working inside the home.

  • You do not have to go out and turn on the water geyser when it is time for a bath.
  • You can regulate the temperature of the refrigerator using the application.
  • Home theater can play you those soothing songs at a single voice command.
  • You may also control the sprinklers using automation or set a timing at which they turn on automatically. This will allow you freedom to go cherish your summer days around some Hawaiian beach.

These are a few basic examples that Home Automation can do. Best Luxury Property Architects Builders and Real Estate Investment Consultants in India keep the automation pre-installed in all the luxury villas.

Automated water temperature regulation!

Now appliances can sense if it is time for the shower and change the water temperature as per the need. If it is a pool, it can regulate the temperature too with a simple voice or application command. Call any of India’s best Real Estate Services and ask them to have the water temperature regulation system installed.

Automated Security Systems!

There are times when you forget to lock the door and go outside in a hurry. There arrives the worry to set you anxious. But home automation systems have become such that you can ensure your safety from miles and miles away using internet control. You need not to go and close the door manually or be at home to give voice commands. Automated security now allows 24×7 monitoring from anywhere and lets you control it.

Furthermore, there are motion sensors that can detect any unusual activity behind you and alert you about it. Alarm systems and automatic locking in case of theft are some of the basic functions that Automation blesses people with.

Water Leak Detection System!

Water is something that has the ability to secretly damage your property. Months and months go by until you come to notice that some water leakage has spoiled your furniture totally.

There are automation systems already in the market that have the ability to detect any water leakage. At the very moment it detects any leakage, it shuts off the water and informs the owner using an alarm system.

This will not only save you from unnecessary repairs but will also save your costly furniture and other equipment from facing the damage. Who will not want such a system?

Asking the Real Estate Services for Home Automation!

If you have a villa or luxurious house that is old and does not have Home Automation, you can always call any of India’s best Real Estate Services and ask them to have your home completely automated. The technology keeps on changing thus you must always ask them what is there in the market at the present time. The best Luxury Property Architects Builders and Real Estate Investment Consultants in India can easily add grace and comfort to your home using their expertise.

We say it again, luxury is something that keeps on changing. In the present times, having the touch of a brilliant home automation system is what one needs to feel the luxury. Make sure you have the best of it.

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