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The Stress-Free Approach to Moving: A Customer’s Success Story


Moving to a new home is a fulfilling experience. It is an opportunity to start afresh, access better amenities, raise your family, etc. However, the experience may be overshadowed by the imminent stress associated with moving. That’s because you’ll deal with numerous complex tasks like packing, sorting, transporting, unpacking, etc. But with a suitable approach, many clients have managed to eliminate the stress.

Here’s the ideal stress-free approach to moving.

1. Invest in professional services

Working with a professional moving company like BRS Moving is a sure way to achieve a stress-free move. The experts know the ins and outs of moving and will streamline the process to ensure you relocate successfully.

The experts will offer various services such as:

  • Handle the heavy lifting: The experts will lift, load, and unload your heavy items like tables, desks, and fridges. They have the skills and workforce to move your stuff up and down the stairs and position them in your new house.
  • Reduce risks: Lifting heavy items can cause injuries to you or damage to the item. But if you hire a professional mover, the risk will be reduced as they have the right skills and equipment to transport your items.
  • Insures your items: There is a risk that your items can get damaged when moving. If that happens, the moving company will take responsibility, giving you ultimate peace of mind when moving.

2. Sort your item

Disposing of your unwanted items reduces moving stress significantly. You’ll not be overwhelmed by packing lots of items. Also, your budget will be reduced when you sort the items. So, avoid packing unnecessary items you’ll not need in your new home. You can sell, donate or throw away the items in advance before you begin packing.

3. Invest in quality packing supplies

Packing supplies can make or break your moving experience. So be sure to invest in quality materials with the necessary features to protect your stuff. Some essential supplies you’ll need include boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Ensure you get extra boxes as a preparation for emergencies.

4. Pack Effectively

Packing is an essential step that can reduce moving stress. Packing aims to protect and organize your items for easy and safe transportation.

The best approach is starting to pack early to avoid a last-minute rush. Pack each room at a time to create more space and ensure you’re not leaving anything behind. Doing this will give you enough time to organize and pack your items without making mistakes or being overwhelmed.

You can pack your heavier items in the bottom as they can damage lighter stuff when placed at the top. Also, avoid keeping space between the boxes and overpacking the items.

5. Have an essential box

You’ll need various items on the moving day, such as toiletries, prescriptions, food, etc. Having such items with you will make your move comfortable and stress-free. Therefore, have a special box to put such a thing and ensure it will be easily accessible.

6. Label the boxes

Labelling is an essential task that can make your move to be stress-free. It entails indicating the content or destination room to each box. Doing this helps the mover to know where to keep each box and how to handle it. Also, you’ll easily unpack your belongings in your new home.

In conclusion, moving is an exciting but stressful task. The stress comes from the numerous moving aspects ranging from sorting to unpacking. Fortunately, you can avoid the frustrations if you apply the right techniques. The above are the sure stress-free approaches to moving.

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