Tips for you before shopping for a vacuum cleaner

Tips for you before shopping for a vacuum cleaner?


To solve the situation of blackheads, hidden acne, acne, … almost all people encounter, so the product of acne vacuum cleaner was born. This is a skincare device that is highly appreciated for its quality as well as its superior acne removal efficiency compared to traditional methods. Using an acne vacuum cleaner, customers can rest assured that the product will not hurt their facial skin.

The machine structure consists of two main parts, the suction head, and the machine body. With those outstanding effects, the acne vacuum cleaner is a necessary product for all skin types, especially those in puberty.

Principle and how it works

The current acne vacuum cleaner products are very diverse, but they all operate on the same principle that is vacuum or compressed air. This method helps acne be sucked out of the pores, while dead cells, dirt and sebum are also removed.

This method ensures absolute safety for facial skin, and does not cause damage like conventional acne removal methods.

Each acne vacuum cleaner will operate with different performance, capacity, and mode, so the level of acne removal is also different, you need to learn carefully the product as well as your skin condition before buying the product.

Effect of acne suction machine

Experts encourage consumers to choose acne vacuuming products instead of the traditional manual method of squeezing acne. Why is that? You should take a look at the consequences of arbitrarily squeezing acne below before talking about the use of an acne vacuum cleaner:

When you use your hands to squeeze acne will cause certain damage to the skin. This level of damage can be severe or mild, but all-cause bruises. In addition, squeezing acne by hand will not be able to push all the acne up, this is also the cause of inflammatory foci, spreading bacteria, making acne worse.

Squeezing acne by hand must use force on the face. These forces cannot be controlled and cause pain.

From the above consequences, it can be seen that squeezing acne by hand is very dangerous and should not be done. So what are the better uses of the acne vacuum cleaner than the above, let’s find out?

Is the mini acne vacuum cleaner effective or not?

Here are the pros and cons of this product line.


   – Remove all types of acne effectively from blackheads, acne bran, pustules, …

   – Can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin

   – Lifting, rejuvenating, improving wrinkles, sagging skin, …

   – Modern design, delicate color, compactness can take with you when going away.

   – Safe, cost-effective beauty treatments at beauty salons or Spas.


   – Some products have poor suction power, unable to push the kernel upwards, making it difficult to suck up acne. Usually, these are cheap products, so customers need to pay attention when buying.

Criteria to buy a good type of acne vacuum cleaner 

1. Design, convenient style

Acne vacuum cleaners on the market today are very diverse in models, designs as well as designs to increase competition. With compact machines, you can take them with you on business or travel.

In addition, products made from high-quality materials such as PP or ABS are durable, absolutely safe for users. You should buy such products.

2. Know the purpose of use

A vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the skin will help the beauty work more effectively. However, you must understand your skin first. Although acne vacuum cleaners can be used for all skin types, some products are designed specifically, or that are of poor quality, which can also damage your skin.

Machine products in the mid-range and high-end segments are often set up in different modes for ease of use by users. Now you just need to read the instructions carefully and follow them.

3. Choose the type of machine using rechargeable batteries pin

The current acne vacuum cleaner products are designed by the manufacturer in the form of a rechargeable battery with a USB connection. In addition, with the large battery capacity, you can use it for a long time. This is considered a great improvement compared to the old acne vacuum cleaners.

4. Choose a tip for acne

The acne suction head is an important part because it directly affects the skin. Most current acne vacuum cleaner products have 4-5 different suction heads for you to choose for the skin areas on your face, making it easier to get acne.

Some ways to choose an acne suction nozzle for your skin you should know are: blackheads should use a large round nozzle; sensitive skin should choose a small nozzle; If you need to lift muscle, improve skin elasticity, you should choose tubular or oval suction nozzles.

5. Powerful acne suction machine

Strong or weak operating power directly affects the acne suction performance. Currently, acne vacuum cleaner products are all installed with different performance adjustment modes to best suit the skin, users can rest assured to thoroughly remove acne.

If your skin is dry or oily, you should choose the mode from medium to strong to remove cells and acne. But vice versa if your skin is sensitive

6. How much does acne vacuum cleaner cost?

How much does an acne vacuum cleaner cost? 

The acne vacuum cleaner products sold on the market today are very diverse in design, design, brand, features, etc., so they are sold at different prices from low to high. Customers need to consider their financial ability before buying.

In particular, you should not buy products that are sold at too low a price because it is very easy to be a poor quality product, both ineffective and losing money unjustly. The price of acne vacuum cleaner from $10 or more is most commonly used today, you can refer.

Remember to seek out and use discount codes to save money when shopping online for vacuum cleaner products. Discount codes for vacuum cleaners will be found on many reputable websites. You can easily find them with just a few clicks.

In particular, you can save a lot on big sales occasions depending on the time frame that the supplier offers.

7. Where to buy a good, cheap acne vacuum cleaner?

Customers who want to buy acne vacuum cleaners can go directly to electronics supermarkets nationwide to buy products. If you are too busy, you can also order at e-commerce sites such as all-cause, Amazon, eBay, etc. The products here are sold in a variety of ways, you can freely choose your favorite products. like most.

8. Look carefully at the origin, the origin of the acne vacuum cleaner

Most of the current acne vacuum cleaner products are sourced from Korea, Japan, and Germany. You should buy at these brands to make sure you get the genuine product.

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