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Tips To Help Maintain Your Plumbing


Our plumbing systems are under constant scrutiny as we stay at home more often than ever. These are some tips to maintain your plumbing. These simple steps will help prevent future downtime, and costly repairs.

What should I do to flush the toilet down?

Toilet paper. End of the list. Good old toilet paper is the only product that won’t damage your plumbing. There are many misleading products on the market that claim they can flush but actually cause drain blockages. Professional services are required for any wipes or other “flushable”, which can quickly block piping.

Too much toilet paper can lead to problems. It is easy to put in a bidet attachment for your toilet. They are easy to clean up and save you precious tissue. You will also feel the same clean sensation every time you use them!

How do I prevent plumbing problems?

1) Exercise Your Valves

Regular maintenance is required for valves (the knobs that connect your pipes to the wall). This prevents leaks and degradation. Your valves will last 10 times longer if they are turned off and on once per year. You will have peace of mind knowing your valves will work in an emergency. While you’re there, make sure to inspect the supply hoses that are connected to the valves.

2) Flush Your Water heater

Water heaters can build up sediment and rust over time. Flushing your heater every year will prevent this problem from happening. Simply attach a hose at the bottom to the drain valve and allow the water to drain for several minutes. This will prolong the heater’s life and make it run more efficiently.

3) Drain Your Drains

Let’s also flush all the drains throughout the house while we do this. Fill the sinks with hot water to flush the pipe. Let it drain immediately after filling the sink. The water will then fill the pipe with strong current and flush out any food debris or grease buildup.

Drain Treatment

There are many drain treatment options that are eco-friendly. These non-corrosive emulsifiers help to break down hard grease, debris, and other buildups that can lead to blockage.

Garbage Disposal

It is often overlooked that the garbage disposal is there. You can maintain the sharpness of the disposal blades, get rid of grease buildup, and avoid bad odors with a few tricks. Just place a lemon or lime in the disposal and turn on the faucet to let it do its job. The fruit’s acidity will remove any grease and give you a natural citrus smell.

The Building Control Valve. Most importantly, everyone should know where to find the building control valve. This valve cuts off the water supply to your house. To prevent flooding or water damage, the control valve must be shut off in an emergency. It is important to locate it before you use it. You will usually find it on the exterior of your house.

This post was written by Joey Denick. Joey is the Owner and Operator of Clog Kings. At Clog Kings, LLC, we pride ourselves on our dedication and efficiency. We know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we work fast to get your home or commercial building back up and running in no time. If you are looking for St.pete Plumbing then look no further because we got you covered!

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