Radiant Floor Heating

Upgrade Your Home Interiors With Radiant Floor Heating!


Living in a place where the temperature dips to freezing point can be tough. You’ll be forced to wear heavy clothing and heat your home accordingly. This gets worse if you lack proper heating systems. Luckily, you can install radiant heating systems and enjoy a comfortable sanctuary in your home. This type of flooring is an underground heating system and is a convenient way of heating your home. It comes in different styles, and you can always choose what suits your needs and budget.

 What are the distinct types of radiant floor heating systems?

 The idea behind radiant systems is to warm your home with heat from the ground upwards. There are different types of such flooring systems; these include hydronic and electric systems. Both are installed in a dry place under the main flooring and can sometimes be part of a concrete slab.

  • Electric systems

These systems are embedded on mats that are installed as an encasings concrete layer. The concrete slab is heated up by internal mats or strips that allow heat to escape and heat your flooring. Eclectic heating systems are great additions for small rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. They are cost-effective and easy to install, and most homeowners visit website to learn here to get professional installers.

  • Hydronic systems

Hydronic systems are challenging to install but are very efficient in the long run. These units rely on water pipes laid beneath the floor and a concrete layer covering the pipework. You generate heat depending on the slab thickness; the thicker the concrete slab, the more heat generated. What’s more, hydronic heating systems are less vulnerable to external and sudden air changes.

 How can I choose the best electric radiant flooring system?

Deciding to install a radiant flooring system is easy, but choosing the right flooring can be daunting. Not all will match your preferences, and selecting the best avails more benefits. The first consideration to make would be ease of installation. Most radiant heating systems aren’t easy to install and require the use of special tools and equipment.

Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing floor heating systems is the heating output. If you want a want heat the floor, a low output heater would be ideal. But, if you wish to heat the entire room, you need a system with a higher output. Again, check the thermostat control features in the chosen system. The options vary; some are highly programmable for different times of the day.

Lastly, consider the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposure of the heating system. Radiant heating systems use electricity, and installing a dual wire structure minimizes the EMF levels.

Why install radiant flooring heating systems?

Radiant flooring is one of the best floor heating systems in the home. They radiate heat in your interiors and furniture to create a more comfortable space in winter. These systems are highly efficient and are cheaper in the long run due to their low energy consumption.

The bottom line

Installing a radiant flooring system is a great home improvement idea. There are different systems, and all vary in terms of efficiency. Although you can use most floorings like linoleum, carpet, vinyl, or hardwood, you maximize the benefits from the heating system by choosing the right type of flooring.

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