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What Do You Need to Know About Doors Before Buying Them?


A door is not a piece of furniture. Even so, they are an indispensable part of any household like beds and sofas. Also, many people don’t purchase their own doors. The decision to buy doors is often taken by the influencers like architects and builders. As a result, there are a lot of misconceptions about door purchases. We will walk you through the process of buying a door in this blog post.

What should you do?

Identify the location of the door installation.

Doors at the entrance are different from those inside as both of them serve different purposes.

Ensure the doors can withstand the weather.

Sun- and rain-exposed doors should be constructed with materials that are weatherproof. Their colours are determined by their exposure.

Make sure you know the measurements.

The frame should be measured on both sides. Door measurements include its width, height, and thickness. To accurately measure the area, you need to measure it in several places. Your measurement of contention will be the one with the highest number.

Determine what style to choose according to the available space.

If you want to make best use of space, consider sliding doors or folding doors. Ensure that the door would fit into the space available and see if any space can be added.

Make sure you choose the right material.

The properties of different materials differ: wood, aluminium, plywood, and glass. There are subtypes of every one of these materials.

Budgets and costs should not be the only factors influencing purchase decisions. Other criteria like the weather conditions and location discussed above should also be considered.

In important decisions like the purchase of a door, factors like design are often ignored. Yet, most people are captivated by a door’s visual appeal.

What you shouldn’t do

  1. Focus less on its appearance and design.
  2. Asking for options from a sales executive isn’t a good idea.
  3. If you do not have a strong idea of the measurements of a door, don’t buy it.
  4. If you are unsure what type of door you want or the material you want, don’t jump to that.

Flush Doors as an option

Flush doors are an ideal option for outer doors. These doors are made with plane surfaces on both the sides. The doors are made up of solid wood fillers which provides strength to the door. The face is supplemented with the core layer below that makes the door surface smooth and free of any kind of waviness.. The frame is arranged in form of rails and stiles where rails are horizontally arranged and stiles are placed vertically. This arrangement provides the doors with high strength and resistance against tensile and torsional forces. The solid wood filler used also goes a long way in providing strength which resists bending of the door frame.

Flush doors from famous brands like Century Doors are treated with chemicals which make them termite and borer proof. These chemicals act as poison to the termites and borer insects. The doors are further protected using the Glue Line Protection technology (a patent technology of CenturyPly) where the chemicals are made to diffuse to the inner layers of the wood by means of Pre-press technique.

These doors are ideal options when you want to buy doors online because the strength factors, and specialities are laid out before you and the best option is that they are like blank canvas where you can make changes to the doors as per the designs you like. These are lightweight and cost effective option

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