Pivot Doors

What You Should To Know About Pivot Doors


Pivot doors are a type of large door mounted on the top and bottom side of the door, instead of on the side. Although the door moves on a vertical axis, it looks considerably different from a typical hinged door.

The hinges of a pivot door system are separated from the door’s edge. Instead of hanging off the side frame horizontally, this hinge arrangement enables the weight of the door to be shifted vertically. It is quite expensive than regular doors and it is used for contemporary and luxurious homes. Check out these pivot doors by Universal Iron Doors      for unique and stylist designs.

What are the benefits of a pivot door instead of a hinged door?

There are huge differences in visual appearance. The Pivot door looks very different from a hinged door. Pivot doors are so famous for the design element of how they open. Earlier, pivot hinges were used for bigger doors, but now it comes up to 1500mm wide on specially created 3D heavy-duty hinges too.

Does a pivot door come fully weather sealed?

It can be, but not completely as the standard 3D hinges. If air testing is crucial, we advise using a hinged opening. If this isn’t crucial, it’s nevertheless helpful to know that in bad weather, you might feel a slight drought around the door. For this reason, we always advise installing pivot doors in a partially or completely covered area.

What is the origin of the pivot door?

The pivot door is made with simple technology and dates back many centuries. The first pivot door is seen in the ancient city of Persepolis, in modern Iran.

The Gate of All Nations, a great hall built between 486 and 465 BC by the Achaemenid king Xerxes I, included numerous pivot door examples.

What makes the pivot door unique?

Many features of the pivot door make it unique.

1. Size

The large size and impressive design give it a different look from regular doors. Its structure is also good and more capable than regular doors.

The weight transfer vertically is crucial. This vertical force reduces the sagging effect that occurs when standard hinges are unable to support the weight and dimensions of larger doors. Many homeowners choose pivot doors when they want to have a huge, striking front door.

2. Movement

Pivot doors revolve around a fixed axis that is attached to the top and lower door jambs. When the door is open, these hinges’ offset positioning from the edge of the door divides the entranceway into two separate areas. The active and inactive spaces can be used to characterize these two areas.

3. Appearance

Pivot doors are not only convenient but also give a stunning view of your places. The door is something important and the entrance part of your home or place. When you open the beautiful door of your house or residence to enter inside, it definitely leaves a positive impact on your mind and makes you feel good.

The main charm of this door is the amount of open space allowed in the designs.

4. Easy Installation

Pivot doors are convenient and easy to install. It does not need a proper frame installed. Because the door pivots have the process of opening and closing it is much easier due to pivots rather than swinging.


Pivot doors are popular because they are convenient with beautiful and modern designs and suit luxurious homes. It is much easier to open and close the door without wasting space, therefore, it has become a prime choice for architects and interior designers and people who love the best things for their homes.

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