Artificial Grass

Why Artificial Grass is Fantastic for Pet Owners


Are you a dog lover? Or simply a pet owner? Check out some of the biggest benefits of using artificial grass at your home!

Less time cleaning up after your dog, more time playing with them!

There is no escaping the inevitable fact that your dog’s feet will get muddy when playing in your organic lawn. Natural grass gets muddy fast, whether it’s due to morning dew or rain. Just one romp through your backyard and your dog will be re-decorating your furniture and floors within minutes of their arrival!

When you make the switch to artificial grass, you will never have to deal with dirty paw prints all over your backyard and home again.

In addition to the fact that there is no soil under artificial grass, there is also a proper drainage system that quickly directs water from the surface to the subsoil below. That’s why synthetic lawns and artificial turf are much less messy than real grass.

The ground won’t encourage pee puddles and it’s easier to clean up after your dog goes potty. This is even true if the ground is packed and hard.

With synthetic turf, there is a terrific drainage system that redirects urine quickly through the drainage holes throughout the turf and down to the sub-base under the grass. You can then rinse the turf with water, and it will be fresh and clean once again.

Enjoy a green, picture-perfect yard for a long time.

There are many people who, when they bring their pets home, immediately give up on having the yard of their dreams. After all, dogs are notorious for digging up holes in lawns, ripping out grass blades, causing lawn burn, and generally killing off what was once a green paradise.

If you choose to get artificial grass, you won’t have to give up on your dream of a perfect lawn, because the natural grass won’t be damaged by your dog’s persistent paws… no matter how hard and how often they play on your lawn.

Despite the fact that the backing is so tough, your pup will not be able to rip it up or dig holes through the surface. Enjoy 10 to 25 years of having a perfectly green backyard to be proud of.

Ensure the safety of your pet

It is of utmost importance for pet owners to ensure their dogs’ safety. Unfortunately, natural lawns present a lot of hidden hazards. These include fleas, ticks, toxic weeds and plants, grass burrs, and grass pollen that triggers allergies.

There are no fleas, ticks, or other pests that will be able to live on synthetic grass; toxic weeds will not be able to grow on synthetic turf; last but not least, it won’t cause grass allergies or cause skin irritation.

With synthetic turf, all you have to think about is what you want to do with your dog in the backyard when you go synthetic!

With the best turf for dogs, owning a dog is much easier. Since you don’t have to worry about your yard anymore, you can focus on making it more fun for your dog

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