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Why Is It the Right Time to Colour Your Home In Winters?


It is necessary to consider the effects of environmental conditions while doing the painting work on the interior or exterior parts of the house. Every wall design needs to be executed with the right application of paint which will last for longer periods with consistent quality. Apart from using the right type of paint and application technique, it is also essential to select the right type of weather while doing your paintwork.

The weather condition can influence the quality of paintwork by deciding the drying time, the ability of paint molecules to adhere to the wall, how long the painting work lasts, and much more. Considering all these factors, it is important to decide the ideal time of the year to carry out fresh paintwork. Looking at the Indian conditions, the winter season is an ideal time to execute your home colour selection.

Let’s take a look at why the winter season is an ideal time to carry out near-perfect paintwork on the interior and exterior parts of your house.

Ideal Humidity Levels in the Atmosphere

Humidity in the atmosphere is the key factor to consider while doing the paintwork for your wall design. During the winter season, the humidity levels are ideal for the paint to dry and cure in the perfect time frame. This allows the paint molecules to bond properly and stay adhered to the wall to present a perfect painting work execution.

If the same paintwork is carried out in the monsoon season, the high humidity levels and moisture content can seep into the layer of paint. This can cause discolouration and uneven patches on the walls that will need to be fixed by remodelling the paintwork. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the paintwork in ideal humidity conditions.

Ideal Recoating and Curing Time for Paint

During the winter season, the applied coat of paint will dry properly to create a solid base for the second coat of paint. Till the temperature is well above 10 degrees Celsius, the paint will dry properly to present a perfect execution of the home colour selection. The paint will exhibit proper curing to create long-lasting and well-applied paintwork.

Although summer is also an ideal time for achieving the ideal recoating and curing time of the paint, increased temperature conditions can affect the paintwork. If the temperature is too high while the application of paint during the summer season, the layer of paint can become dry before its setting time. This can cause the layer of paint to crack and peel from the walls of your house whether it is the interior or the exterior part.

Special Paints for Cold Temperature in Winter Season

In the northern parts of India, the temperature can fall below 10 degrees Celsius during the winter season. Painting in temperatures lower than 10 degrees Celsius can affect the result of the paintwork. However, there are special paints that are formulated for extreme temperature drops in the winter season.

You can use these paints to carry out seamless paintwork in the winter season even if the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. Paints designed for lower temperatures can be applied to the walls with an ambient temperature as low as 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the application of paint can be carried out seamlessly in weather conditions with low temperatures.

Ease of Carrying Out a Paintwork

The winter season is a convenient time to carry out your paintwork without any hassle. During monsoon season, you have to constantly check the forecast for rainfall and monitor the humidity in the atmosphere. During the summer season, the interior parts of the house need to be ventilated properly so the temperature doesn’t increase beyond a certain range. However, during the winter season, you can carry out the paintwork easily on the interior as well as the exterior parts without facing any hassle.

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