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Winter Staging Ideas to Sell your Worcester home


Massachusetts temperatures have officially dipped as frost and snow blanket the city of Worcester. If you’re thinking about selling your Worcester property this winter, it can feel confusing how to stage your property during colder months. Look no further for our expert advice on staging ideas to sell your Worcester home this winter.

Are you not excited about the laundry list of repairs that often come with home sale offers? Learn about how you can sell your home as-is and skip the daunting task of fixing home issues.

Selling this winter

Selling in the winter months can feel like you’re doing something wrong, but it’s actually a great time to sell! There is notoriously less inventory available, making your property a hotter commodity. This can sometimes lead to bidding wars which will put some extra money in your pocket. Showing your home in the best light possible during the winter is key to getting under contract fast.

Curb appeal

It’s important when selling your Worcester home this winter that you make that first impression of the home a good one. Keep snow shoveled off the driveway, walkway, and porch. Throw down some salt to avoid any slipping on icy patches.

If it’s holiday time, be sure not to go too crazy with decorations. When adding holiday cheer keep things minimal and classic. Top off your curb appeal with a new doormat so buyers have a natural place to wipe their feet before entering the home.

Play up the cozy

Selling in the winter is a great opportunity to play up the cozy vibes. Buyers will have just come inside from blustery winter weather, and if their first thought is, “ah, it’s warm and cozy in here,” they are more likely to love the home. Some ideas for making your space feel cozy are:

  • Turn up the heat a few degrees before showings
  • Light a fire in the fireplace
  • Ensure lighting is bright (as the sun sets early in winter months) but not sterile, instead opt for a warmer-toned LED bulb
  • Integrate soft textures with a chunky knit blanket, faux fur pillow, or velvet accent chair
  • Light a pleasant scented candle or bake some cookies before the showing

Store away winter gear

Winter also often means drippy boots and bulky jackets laying out of place. Be sure to tuck away any winter wear before your buyers come through. Having these items out and about will tell the buyer that there is a storage issue, even if there isn’t.

Some staging no-noes

It’s always important when staging your home that you don’t overcrowd or clutter the space. Winter months can make this especially difficult as holiday décor tends to add unnecessary clutter. Try to keep holiday cheer to a minimum inside. Other staging things to avoid include:

  • Bulky, oversized furniture (be sure there are easy walkways)
  • Overly personal touches (keep kids’ artwork, religious tokens, and photographs tucked away)
  • Cluttered shelving or surfaces
  • Hiding home features behind decorations (don’t cover your fireplace mantle or staircase railing with a garland)

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