4 Trending, Innovative Bathroom Flooring Ideas in 2023

4 Trending, Innovative Bathroom Flooring Ideas in 2023


Bathroom flooring used to be dull and uninspiring, with a simple popular choice: tiles, large or small. In recent years, that’s changed. Today, thanks to manufacturers’ innovations, there’s a wide range of materials available in flooring.

With many modern materials, once you’ve selected colours and patterns, you can often use the same flooring materials throughout your home.

Innovative trends offer a wide choice in modern bathroom flooring

Current Australian bathroom flooring trends go far beyond tiles. Look for innovative materials, which are not only durable, but also water-resistant. These materials include wood-look floors of hybrid and  vinyl planks, as well as laminates and sheet vinyl.

Durable flooring is essential in bathrooms. After all, these rooms need to stand up to traffic day after day. Moisture and steam are a concern too. Chat with your supplier, to see their range of offerings. You’re sure to be surprised and pleased with the wide range of choices available.

Let’s look at some of the current trends in bathroom flooring ideas and choices.

1. The stylish choice: warm wood-look, hybrid bathroom flooring

In bathrooms, clinical looks are out, warmth is in.Hybrid flooring, which is a mix of laminates and vinyl, offers the warm looks and comfort of wood flooring, while ensuring hard wear, as well as moisture resistance.

A hybrid floor’s hardwearing qualities stem from its multi layered construction. In essence, this type of flooring material is like a sandwich made up of layers. It offers a tough outer coating, which resists damage from constant foot traffic, a rigid inner core, and an underlay.

Although invisible, the hybrid floor’s underlay offers comfort to bare feet, much like a carpet’s underlay. An added benefit for multi-story buildings, the underlay has an acoustic property: it muffles noise.

If you’re using hybrid flooring in other areas of your home, carry it into your bathrooms too, for a warmly classic, timber look.

2. Vinyl planks: hardwearing, with great comfort and looks

In comparison to other materials, vinyl planks offer luxury, as well as economy. An excellent choice for bathroom flooring, vinyl planks are tough, while soft and comfy for bare feet, with good insulation properties. They tend to remain at ambient temperatures, so they’re much more comfortable for smaller family members than cement or tiled floor.

Not only are vinyl planks easy to clean, and maintain, they’re tough enough to resist humidity and moisture. They offer slip-resistance too; always a concern anywhere there’s a likelihood of wet floors.

When it comes to décor, vinyl planks can match any décor and style, which accounts for their popularity with home designers and decorators.

Installation is easy. Be advised by your supplier, but it’s quite possible to install this type of flooring yourself if you’re happy to DIY.

3. A pleasing choice: innovative, good-looking laminates

Shocked at the thought of laminate flooring in bathrooms?

Laminates have come a long way. Innovative manufacturers ensure that this type of flooring is appropriate for many areas of your home, including bathrooms. Not only is laminate an economical choice, today it can match a true-to-life look of hardwood, without timber’s disadvantages.

Modern bathroom flooring trends are for a décor which complements the rest of your home: wet-area laminates are the answer.

These types of laminates are manufactured not only to offer moisture resistance, but also to be safe underfoot, and durable as well. In homes with children and pets, laminates mean you can carry through your favorite looks in flooring, from kitchens right into bathrooms.

Explore the choices available at local retailers: you’ll be pleased at the many styles available.

4. Sheet vinyl offers durability, as well as economy, and looks great

In addition to vinyl planks, sheet vinyl is trendy. As the name suggests, it’s available in rolls. So if you choose a patterned vinyl, you aren’t faced with pattern matching.

Sheet vinyl flooring is a popular choice for family homes where both durability and economy matter. It offers great looks, combined with low maintenance requirements.

But is it suitable for bathrooms? In a word, yes. Manufacturers have developed hardwearing sheet vinyl which is an excellent bathroom flooring choice: not only does this flooring resist heat and moisture, it’s slip-resistant too.

Vinyl is also cushioned, so it’s comfortable and easy on your feet. It’s a breeze to clean, and maintains its good looks, even if you have pets. Just use a broom or a mop for a quick wipe over.

Does a family member suffer from allergies? Ask for medical advice of course, but in many situations, vinyl flooring is recommended for allergy sufferers.

What will you choose for your bathroom flooring in 2023?

Visit your favorite retailer to explore your options. All the popular flooring materials are hardwearing, and available in colours and patterns to suit your home, and your decorating flair.

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