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5 Common Washroom Problems And How To Fix Them


Even though your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in your house, it, however, has massive issues. Dripping faucets, toilet issues, and poor ventilation are just a few of the bathroom issues that you might see in your house. It can be difficult to figure out how to solve these issues if you aren’t a professional plumber. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to solve all of your problems, and you might even make things worse. Plumbers Cranbourne Victoria can help with such urgent complications.

Here are 5 common washroom problems and how to fix them:

  1. Slower drains:

At first glance, this may not appear to be a problem because, after all, the water still runs down, correct? However, you should address this issue as quickly as possible, or you’ll end up with an entirely clogged drain.

Back-ups in the sink or bathroom drain can be caused by a variety of the trash, including hair, soap scum, or silt. Even if you keep your drains clean and clear on a daily basis, occasionally a little extra help is required.

Cleaning the drain with store-bought draining products or even hot water can cure this problem region. If the problem persists, use a drain snake or a wire hanger to clear the debris. To ensure that the problem does not repeat, consider flushing your bath and sink with hot water once a week.

  1. Clogged toilet:

There are a variety of reasons why your toilet won’t flush, while some are easier to handle than others. A clogged toilet may be easily repaired with a household plunger, despite how inconvenient it is when it occurs.

  1. Leaks all around:

You might be tempted to rip your entire sink out of the wall after just a few weeks of the noisy drip, drip, drip. Try removing just the tap and taking it to your local hardware store prior to going to such an extent.

It’s possible that the issue is a simple part replacement that they can take care of right now. If not, they might suggest getting a new faucet head.

  1. Very low water pressure:

Slowly but steadily, your relaxing, high-pressure shower reduces to a trickle. If you’re worried that it’s an internal pipe problem, try a DIY descaling solution prior to actually contacting a plumber.

Limescale buildup is most likely the source of your problems. If a thorough cleaning does not solve the problem, your showerhead may need to be replaced.

You may have an interior leak if you see low pressure in many faucets in your house. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, consult a professional.

  1. Ugly mold and mildew:

One of the most severe bathroom issues is mold, which can be invisible or visible. Don’t ignore this issue because it might cause major health and allergy problems in your home.

Those with a history of upper respiratory infections are highly vulnerable. Mildew can cause thousands of dollars in damage, so call a specialist as soon as you notice it.

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