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Mark Roemer Oakland Reveals the Most Common Myths and Facts About Air Compressors


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, air compressors are utilized by a variety of industries for maintenance, planned upgrades, downtime, renovation, and even during emergencies. Thus, these devices are extremely useful when operated by skilled experts. Unfortunately, there are several myths regarding the functionality and use of air compressors which causes misconception among laymen

The Details

Here are a few myths and facts about air compressors:

  1. All polyglycol (PAG) blended compressor fluids are the same – There are generally one of two types of ‘Esters’ present in polyglycol compressor fluids — ‘Polyesters’ and ‘Diesters’. And these two differ quite a bit in their performance when used in a rotary screw air compressor.

Polyesters (POE) are known as jet engine lubricants since they are used for such purposes due to their capacity to handle heat well and remain sludge-free. However, they are also more expensive.

Diesters, although less expensive, can become costly in the long term due to their potential to cause sludge which reduces the compressor efficiency over time. In fact, diesters can cause swelling in hose liners, seals, and gaskets.

  1. Using variable speed drive compressors results in the most efficient part-load performance – This is not always true since the performance of the variable speed drive compressors is dependent on its design. For instance, they operate the most efficiently when they are within their optimum tip speed range.

However, other control options can become more efficient when the compressor load requirements fall outside of that range. Thus, to recommend the most efficient compressor air solution for a specific type of job, the compressor provider must consider all the application requirements.

  1. All synthetic compressor fluids are the same – This is a false assumption since the term synthetic is only used to refer to the base stock. Thus, it simply informs that the fluid is not a hydrocarbon base stock and can encompass several types of synthetic base stock such as PAO, Diester, PAG.

Each type of base stock has its respective pros and cons and impacts performance in its own way. Thus, it’s essential to learn about the exact base stock even when they are labeled synthetic.

  1. The contaminants in a compressed air system only consist of liquid oil and oil aerosol – A typical compressed air system includes many different types of contaminants that need to be removed or reduced by purification equipment in order to enable the system to run efficiently.

The contaminants include liquid oil, oil aerosols, water vapor, pipe scale, liquid water, microorganisms, water aerosols, oil vapor, rust atmospheric dirt, and oil vapor. A lubricating compressor can only remove liquid oil and oil aerosol. However, specialized purification equipment is needed to remove or reduce the other types of contaminants present in the compressed air system.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you choose a compressor from a reputed brand to minimize the risk of any issue. Plus, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with all its functionality and learn about the facts to make use of them as effectively as possible.

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