appraisal of your property

5 Factors that necessitate the appraisal of your property


As your life evolve from being single to married, becoming a parent, and getting retired, the life of the property you own also evolves. The meaning or purpose of ownership changes over time-based on where in life are you.

Having a home or any property is a reason for contentment, amusement, and benefit. However, at each stage of life’s journey, knowing how much does the property values is crucial to draw all these pleasures. You can call professionals or ask for property valuations at Matt Hansen Real Estate to get the job done with utmost accuracy.

Appraisal of the property tells you about the exact value of your property at a given time which helps you make more pragmatic and informed decisions. Such decisions can prove instrumental for a peaceful life in your later years. If that is not convincing enough, here are some reasons that prove the importance of property valuation.

Assistance in ascertaining the right price while buying

When buying a property, you are mostly told its list price. However, if you are asking a bank or financial institute for a loan to purchase the property, it will be granted based on the appraised value. Remember, the list or selling price of a house is remarkably higher than its appraised value.

Most buyers, especially first-timers, often end up disappointed when they get to know the actual amount they are going to get from the mortgage. To avoid this disappointment, ask the lender to go for a third-party appraisal before signing the agreement.

Listing the right price while selling

Just like no buyer would buy or rent a property at a price that is much higher than its real value, no seller would want to sell at a significantly lower price. Property appraisal helps you determine the real value of your house according to the comprehensive market analysis. This information is highly useful in narrowing down the most suitable price for listing.

Precise estate planning

For many people, their property is an asset that they pass on to their next generation or other family members. When you are distributing your property among your heirs, you would want to be as fair and just as possible. For that reason, conducting an independent valuation helps you know the exact value of the properties and make the distribution fair.

Wealth planning for retirement

As you plan for the later years of your life, you would want to make it mortgage-free or downsize it to more manageable numbers. An independent valuation from a third party can help you know the precise current price and how much would it value when you reach your older years. You can make a smarter financial decision by selling, renting, or buying your property.

Seeking better deals for insurance coverage

Theft or damage are some common issues you have to deal with a homeowner. Even if you live in a relatively safer area, you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of these unfortunate events.

Having insurance in such cases is a boon that takes away a significant burden off your shoulders. It is often much easier to get a great insurance deal if you have got a designated appraisal done by a third party. It also helps in easily getting your claim, in case, any mishap occurs.

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