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A Refrigerant Leak in Your AC? What Should You Do Next?


Have you noticed that your place is not cooling off as it should? Your air conditioner might be leaking! The telltale signs of an AC refrigerant leak include water on the floor and ice formation.

If this sounds like something happening at home, you need to think of contacting an HVAC service company immediately for an AC repair.

The amount of refrigerant in your AC system should not vary drastically over time. If it does, this could mean there is a leak, and you need to take care of the problem quickly before things get worse.

Your AC is working hard to keep you cool and comfortable, but it may not be as effective if there are leaks. This article will take a closer look at the symptoms of an HVAC refrigerant leak with possible causes for them so that your comfort level doesn’t suffer in return on high electric bills.

A Refrigerant’s Functionality

The refrigerant in an air conditioning system has a dual function. Not only does it serve as the medium for cooling, but it also compresses and stores that energy until needed by components such as condenser coils or expansion valves throughout your home’s HVAC unit.

The condenser uses refrigerant to remove heat from a room or space. Once the moisture in this cools, it turns into fluids. It will then be passed through an evaporator for more cooling before being released into your home through your vents.

Your air conditioner is a machine that cycles through various processes to cool and humidify the atmosphere in your home or workspace.

Without refrigerant, it will not be able to do its job- which means you could experience difficulties with temperature-regulating. Depending on where this leak happens (the coils), there may even become an excessive amount of heat.

Refrigerant Leak

When the air conditioner is low on refrigerant, there are two likely causes: either it was undercharged at installation or something has leaked and caused a leak in your system. If you think of adding a refrigerant to your unit, this option is not on the table.

When a technician repairs your air conditioning system, they should always double-check that the refrigerant charge is correct and not overcharged or under-charged. It will ensure maximum performance for your home’s cooling needs and help protect against environmental damage from leaks.

Signs of Having a Refrigerant Leak

When your air conditioning unit leaks, the refrigerant is lost and can no longer maintain coolness throughout your home. It will reduce its ability to relieve you from heat waves or sweltering summer days. Thus, creating an uncomfortable living environment for everyone in it.

Here are the warning signs you may have overlooked for a refrigerant leak:

1. It’s Not Making The Room Cold

Without refrigerant, your home would be very uncomfortable. It absorbs the heat from the inside and releases it outside to make sure that you stay cool all day long.

When your refrigerant levels are low, it will take longer for you to cool the home or business. It often results in a visit from the thermostat with an adjustment downward of temperature.

2. Water Leaks

Your unit will lose pressure when the refrigerant level is too low. It can cause freezing coils, which may overflow and spill excessive water

3. A Frozen Evaporator Coil

When your air conditioner is not working well, it can cause problems for you. A telltale sign that there may be a refrigerant leak in the system comes from seeing ice forming on top of evaporator coils.

It occurs when insufficient amounts circulate through them during operation, which leads to difficulties absorbing heat necessary for condensation processes resulting in frozen water droplets hanging out between threads.

If you see ice on your evaporator, it’s time for a maintenance check. The layer of frozen water could cause complete system failure and expensive repair.

Monitor this part regularly so that when iced crystals form, they don’t grow into more damaging conditions like glued-together coils or burst pipes.

4. Loud or Hissing Sounds Coming From Your AC Unit

Hissing is a common sign of an AC refrigerant leak, but it could also come from other problems. Larger leaks may produce gurgling sounds, and you should have your air conditioning system checked by professionals to determine what needs fixing.

5. Electric Bills Are Through The Roof

Your home’s AC unit is an essential component of its heating and cooling system. When it is not operating normally, you will see higher electric bills because the machine works harder than necessary to keep up with temperature fluctuations in a room.

Your air conditioning unit may be leaking, and you did not even know it. Review your monthly statement and compare it with last year from the same month. It can help identify any fluctuations in energy use or cost that might point toward an issue before this becomes a much more problem.

6. What Should You Do Next? 

Even though symptoms such as a lack of cool air blowing from your vents or inefficient cooling can be caused by several factors, not all these problems are related to an AC refrigerant leak. It could also just mean that some clogged filters need replacing.

Preventive maintenance plans can help you avoid costly problems. Although refrigerant leaks are common, they are often preventable with routine service. Routine checks on your equipment will ensure its longevity and performance.

The HVAC system in your home is crucial to maintain. If you notice any leaks or problems with it, such as an AC refrigerant leak that can cause property damage and poses health risks, then call for service immediately.

If there are any leaks or serious ones, your HVAC professional may recommend replacing your refrigerant coil.

While this is more costly than repairing holes, you will have the satisfaction of knowing no more leaks are around the corner, your system will perform at a higher level, and you will save on electric costs.

7. The Best Choice is To Ask Experts

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