luxury headboards,



1. Luxury headboards: the different types

When one thinks of luxury when it comes to luxury headboards, the image that often comes to mind is the

upholstered hotel headboard

It is indeed a decorative object that is both refined and able to stand the test of time without wrinkling. It consists of a steel structure or a wooden panel covered with padding and fabrics that can range from linen to leather, including velvet or suede for example.

It can take very different forms, and

therefore adapts to all styles of decoration as well as to all room configurations

As these are robust and timeless items, we often choose to pay the price in order to benefit from quality products and resulting from a great know-how and that whatever their style: cozy, design, contemporary. , industrial, natural, chic and glamorous …

2. What are the criteria for choosing your headboard?


The correspondence between the dimensions and proportions of the bed and the headboard is undoubtedly the most important factor. It is necessary that the whole exudes a certain harmony, which will not be the case if the headboard is too small or of a disproportionate size compared to the bed. For example, know that in height your headboard must protrude from your mattress by at least 40 cm, for aesthetic and comfort reasons. This will in effect prevent your shoulder blades from being sore when you are sitting in bed.

The width of the product is also important since it must protrude at least 5 cm on each side of the mattress, for a successful decorative effect. The

headboard dimensions

also depend on the size of the room. If it’s spacious, you can opt for a larger luxury headboard to give your bed even more flair.

1. The style

The style of your headboard will of course depend on the rest of your bedroom decor. It will also need to match your bed linen. Be aware, however, that there are products of all styles: padded hotel headboard,

  • wooden headboard
  • exotic style, architect’s headboard,
  • design headboard etc. And if you want something practical, consider that there are products with shelving and storage.
  • tediber headboard

2. The coating

There are headboards made from a variety of materials. You will be able to find as well a luxury padded headboard in velvet as a sober and natural model in linen or an ultra-design product in leather. Remember that if your headboard is exposed to the sun, you will need to choose a resistant covering, the colors of which are not likely to fade.

3. Colors

The color of your luxury headboard must harmonize with the elements already present in your bedroom. Ideally, it is recommended not to have more than three colors in a room so that the atmosphere that reigns there is relaxing. If you are unsure, choose a neutral tone like a gray headboard, knowing that you can always add color and patterns with the help of bed linen, cushions, plaids, quilts …

4. Functionality

The choice of your headboard will also depend on your habits. Do you read in your bed? Do you ever have breakfast there? Do you like to have items on hand? Will you choose your headboard solely for its aesthetics? The answers to his questions will guide your choice towards a simple decorative headboard panel, a model headboard with storageĀ  or a padded hotel headboard that will allow you to sit in optimal comfort headboard

5. Adapt the rest of your bedding to your headboard

Once you have chosen a

original headboard, modern or more classic, make sure the rest of your bed is suitable. Maybe it’s time to replace your box spring, mattress or pillows. Indeed, your headboard will give elegance to your bedroom while the other elements composing your bed will ensure your comfort.

Tediber provides you with everything you need to spend restful nights. The flagship product of the brand, the incredible mattress, consists of 3 different types of foams and adapts perfectly to all body types. You can associate it with

Tediber slatted base

which draws its inspiration from the largest hotels and which will provide both firm and even support to your mattress. It also has an elegant design and refined details that make it perfectly suited to any type of decoration.

The brand offers headboards in several sizes (140,160,180 or 200cm) and in 2 colors, beige or blue.

luxury headboard

To complete the set, you can also get the


of the brand, real wonders offering incomparable swelling and support while being hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites. By choosing these items, you will be sure to find an optimal quality of sleep.

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