Rubber Floor Mats

Everything You Need to Know About Rubber Floor Mats


Rubber floor mats come in many sizes and shapes and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for commercial and home purposes. People prefer to use them commercially due to their durability and performance.

The rubber floor mats are designed to eliminate dirt and water from the ground. It can help save time for employees who have to vacuum, mop, and sweep the showroom floor.

These mats are also very safe for employees and visitors. Ultimate Mats provides these rubber mats that can be used as logomats and offer a great opportunity to market your company.

These rubber mats can be made more effective in your space by the following key features:

Mat face

It is easy to clean and scrape any foot traffic that passes on the mat’s face. Rubber floor mats can be made in certain patterns so that you can achieve this effect. There are many popular rubber patterns, including diamond, raised square and waffle-weave.

Border dam

To prevent water from getting onto the floor from shoes and umbrellas, the rubber mat has a border barrier. It does not need a border dam to stop water from leaking onto the mat.

Heavy-duty rubber backing

These mats have sub-surface nubs that allow them to grip the floor and remain put even in extreme and wet conditions.

How do you select?

These rubber floor mats come in many designs to help you get rid of dirt and water from your guests before they enter your space. The best ones will work best for you by considering size, aesthetics, foot traffic, and other factors.


The following two factors are necessary to determine the size of your rubber floor mat:

The total area

You can expect a lot of foot traffic in that area.


These rubber mats need to look professional. Ultimate Mats has a variety of beautiful mats that you can order today. You can also customize them with your logo.

Foot traffic

You can choose the type of rubber mat you want based on how much foot traffic you expect to see in your area. You may choose a mat that is thinner or more decorative for areas with low foot traffic.

If you are expecting heavy traffic, select a mat with a thicker layer that can withstand water and dirt better.

These rubber floor mats are a basic necessity for every business. These rubber floor mats can remove dirt, as well as excess moisture from foot traffic. These rubber mats are a great way to keep your business space clean and free from hazards.

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