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Essential Things You Need To Know About Radiant Heated Flooring


Many people consider radiant heated flooring a luxury, but it is a standard feature every homeowner must consider for healthy and comfortable living. It is a relatively cost-effective upgrade that you can make to improve your home’s heating needs and boost your energy efficiency. The best thing about radiant heated flooring is that it distributes heat evenly across the room, unlike other heating systems that can leave you with some cold spots. It is also non-allergenic, unlike the forced air system that stirs up dust and other allergens when forcing the heated air out.

Here are some things to know about radiant heated flooring from heavenly heat.

Radiant heated flooring is not exaggerated.

It is usual for some home trends to become famous then cool off the following years. But that is not the case with heated floor systems. Heated flooring has been in existence for hundreds of years, only that it has recently advanced and became famous when Frank Llyod Wright popularized the idea in America through his building designs.

Although many consider heated flooring a bathroom luxury, it is not in any way overrated. It is an affordable heating system that improves your home’s ambiance in various ways. Many homeowners prefer installing heated flooring because:

  • Radiant heated underfloors can maintain a comfortable temperature in rooms that are notoriously known for being chilly such as the bathroom, living room, basement, etc.
  • The heated floor eliminates the shockingly cold tiles, especially during winter. That means you will be comfortable even walking bare feet around your house.
  • When installed in a bathroom, a radiant heated floor enhances your shower experience because the floor and air space around the tub is warm, so you don’t have to suffer goosebumps once you step out of the shower.
  • A heater floor eliminates the need for an alternative space heater in cold rooms like the bathroom since it distributes heat evenly.
  • Radiant floor heating systems are more energy-efficient and healthy than forced air systems.
  • Pets enjoy heated floors during winter because they are always sleeping on the floor.

The principle behind radiant floor heating

A radiant heat source works by radiating through the flooring material to heat the room above. Today, there are two basic types of heated flooring to choose from:

Electric radiant heating uses an electric heating cable that runs back and forth underneath the floor. The elements are usually sealed in a sort of electric blanket, which heats up as the electrical current passes through it to achieve the thermostat’s set temperature. This type is easy to install in new or remodeling home projects.

Hydronic heating systems use an elaborate set of tubing placed in the subfloor. A boiler pumps hot water through the tubes, and the resulting heat radiates to the flooring material above to heat the living space. Hydronic heating systems are energy efficient, especially when heating a large footprint and if you already have a boiler in place.

The takeaway

If building a new home or remodeling your existing floor, it is best to choose a floor type that maximizes the function of your radiant heating system.

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