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Gone are the days when students had to stay in college dorms for their academic courses. Today, thanks to the development of the real estate industry, student housing is the next big thing that is taking over the industry not only in the USA but also across the globe. Education is highly in demand and is not affected by economic downturn or recession. In fact, the demand for education often increases when the economy is down as parents believe that a college or a university degree will help their children get better job opportunities during such a time.

Nelson Partners is a credible and trustworthy name when it comes to student housing real estate in the nation. It was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, a professional with 14 years of valuable experience in the field. When it comes to student housing, the company enters into partnerships with the owners ofproperties located near colleges and universities. They help owners attain their goals of a stable income and help them transform the premise into an ideal lodging accommodation for students.

Why is an investment in student housing lucrative in the long run?

Since these properties are close to colleges and universities, they are near to the major hubs of the city or town like malls, shopping centers, transport depots, restaurants, entertainment spots, etc. The appreciation value for such properties increases after two to three years. This means once the property is converted into student housing units, its value appreciates over time.If the property owner wishes to sell it after some years, the returns on investment will be very high. Unlike the other forms of real estate, there is a guarantee that its owner will earn a handsome income from the sale of such property.

Convenient and flexible for the student as well

Student housing real estate developers enter into solid partnerships with owners of properties located near prominent colleges, universities, and private educational institutions. These premises are designed for students in such a way that they can dedicate space for studying, eating, entertainment, sports, and a communal area where they can meet and interact with their friends and family. The premises are safe and alleviate the tensions of parents who are sending their children away from home for the first time.

The rental agreements are flexible for the student and affordable. This is why student housing real estate development is picking up in a large way. In fact, it is a win-win situation for both the student and the property owner. The student no longer needs to stay in crammed college dorms, and the property owner is assured of a stable income as long as the student stays in the accommodation.

According to Nelson Partners, on the average, a graduation and post-graduation course lasts for two to five years, so it is evident that students are long-term tenants. They will regularly pay the rent, and the best part of the arrangement is they always have a parent guarantor to cover up late payments.

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