Five Area Rug Styles To Consider For Offices & Commercial Spaces

Five Area Rug Styles To Consider For Offices & Commercial Spaces


Most people always assume that rug shopping is only for home décor and interior design shoppers, but the truth is that countless offices and commercial businesses need rugs area as well.

Designing office spaces and commercial properties is of course pretty different as compared to homes, so it’s important to understand that your design tips are going to be different as well. Below we’ll be detailing five area rugs styles to keep in mind while you’re in the process of designing a commercial space!

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have been and will always be one of the most stylish area rugs in the entire world, and this is why countless offices will utilize them for their flooring décor. You simply can’t go wrong with Oriental area rugs when it comes to how they complement all sorts of interior design elements and embellishments. Oriental rugs have been incredibly popular for literally thousands of years, so who’s to say they won’t be popular for the foreseeable future?

Oriental rugs are often rather thin, which makes them a good option for placing underneath office chairs and desks as well. Oriental rugs are also very durable and resistant to stains and dirt, which makes cleaning them a lot easier for your office’s cleaning team!

Modern Rugs

Modern or contemporary rugs are also very popular in office spaces today, and this is because they tend to provide a great sense of style that’s trendy and hip. Modern rugs are known for their designs and prints, but of course the variety truly is endless within this niche of the rug industry. This is why it’s always possible for a business to find a modern rug that matches their specific needs and style elements.

Floral Rugs

If you’re looking to implement an upscale and elegant ambience into your commercial property, then floral rugs just might be the right choice for you. Floral rugs are known for providing an increase in warmth from an ambience standpoint, and they also give that extra soft touch that a lot of other rugs simply can’t.

Floral rugs also feature very bright colors with their flowers, which evokes a festive décor that can make a rather bland office building appear to be more exciting. And because floral rugs go so well with neutral décor, they’re a great option for commercial offices!

Naturally Made Rugs

Natural styles are growing in popularity amongst offices and commercial properties these days, and this is partly because we all know how offices simply aren’t the most natural places to work within. So this is why many people are implementing jute rugs that give some extra texture to an office while also providing a natural ambience.

These rugs are also a really smart option if your business team just so happens to be eco-friendly.

Minimalist Rug

There’s also a growing trend in commercial property décor towards minimalism, and this also pertains to the area rugs that people are investing in. Many people are looking for something that doesn’t stand out too much, but gives an office some extra visual texture as compared to carpets or hardwood floors.

Often minimalist rugs provide the type of calming ambience that workers want when they’re entering their workspace!

Contact The Area Rug Experts at Rug Source To Learn More Tips For Decorating Your Commercial Property!

Most business owners and commercial property managers understand how ambience plays a role in overall morale amongst workers, so it’s crucial to get your area rug investments right in order to put your décor efforts in the right direction.

You can learn more design tips for offices by going through the hyperlink at the top of the page, which goes directly to the Rug Source Inc. website where you can speak with experienced specialists about your office’s needs today!

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