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What Is Click Vinyl Flooring For The Kitchen?


Click vinyl flooring for kitchens is a type of flooring made of PVC that has grooves on its sides as an installation system to adhere some slats to others during installation.

As in other laminate flooring systems, this type also has several designs available that we will see later. The Imitation of wood and marble stands out, even models to give a retro touch to our kitchen. 

Click Vinyl Floor Kitchen Designs

Unlike the other types of PVC laminate flooring for kitchens, in this one. We find two types of designs that are the best sellers on the market:

Wood Style:

by placing this vinyl flooring design, we can obtain a professional finish similar to wood, as if we had placed oak-coloured floating flooring, for example.

Ceramic Imitation:

here, we will find designs that will imitate marble (grey and white), terrazzo or stoneware, among other types of flooring most commonly seen in our homes.

  • Remember that we will work with the best brands and offers Amazon offers, such as Tarkett, [Neu. Haus], DURAFIX and Lydiard, among others.
  • It is essential to say that in terms of click vinyl floors, the Tarkett brand is one of the most sold and sought after by customers who need to give their kitchens a change of look.
  • Even so, you can find other manufacturers on the market with brands such as Leroy Merlin (Artens), Bricodepot, Ikea, Bricor, Bauhaus, Pergo, Aki, Gerflor, Quick Step, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Laying Click Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

As in all types of slats or tiles, when putting click vinyl flooring in your kitchen, we must consider a series of fundamental aspects. Below we will see what positive and negative aspects this type of floor system presents in a click: 

⇒ Advantages Vinyl Click Floor

Easy installation:

as in the rest of the kinds of sintasol, the structure of this floor is quite similar, simple and fast. It is enough to have the foundation levelled and place an insulator that remains between the previous paving and the new one.

Thermal insulation:

being a floor made of plastic material and also having an insulator in its placement, we can say that the thermal sensation of this vinyl floor is quite pleasant.


we saw that this type of PVC flooring usually lasts between 5 and 20 years. It is also manufactured to withstand scratches and other damage without any problem.

Suitable for Kitchens:

the click floor is ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms.


easy and quick cleaning. You can clean these floors as usual or with newer systems such as robot vacuum cleaners. 

⇒ Disadvantages Click Vinyl Floor

Proper levelling:

this is the “most difficult” part of your installation since we must perfectly level the paving or paving below to prevent imperfections or roughness from showing over time.

Vulnerable to extreme temperatures:

this type of click system floor is highly affected by attenuated temperatures of cold or heat, being able to dilate or expand as a plastic material, which would cause an appreciable movement given these adhesive slats, revealing joints or separating from each other. 

Click Vinyl Flooring: Opinions.

We will give you our personal opinion!

Vinyl flooring with click slats is optimal for installation in kitchens since, as we have seen, it supports rooms with high humidity, as occurs in these places. Its visual appearance is tremendously actual and similar to floors made of wood or marble and almost as resistant as these pavements.

Vinyl Flooring Click VS Adhesive Tile Laminate Flooring:

to be able to make a comparative opinion between both types of vinyl flooring, saying that they differ in that the first is installed with a click system and on an insulating base and that the second is placed using its adherence and levelling for the previous coating.

 In our opinion, which is better, the 2?

It is evident that both types of vinyl flooring are top purchases, and they are the two models that have the highest quality. Still, if we had to choose one of the two, we would select the adhesive laminate flooring since, although it is also vulnerable to high temperatures, it is better suited to these types of changes.

In cold situations, self-adhesive click flooring can expand in size, causing the tiles to rise, although if you live in areas with mild temperatures, don’t hesitate between either of the 2. both are great solutions!

To the detriment of the adhesive vinyl floor, we can say that if we do not perfectly level the previous flooring, we can assure you that over time the irregularities that we leave will be marked, which will make the tile adapt to the ground and may separate from other adjoining slats.

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