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Interview Questions for an Architecture Firm


If you want your new house or workplace to reflect your unique character, you will probably need help locating a plan that satisfies your needs and preferences. As a result, you’ll have to combine at least two-floor intends to get the area you want. If this is your situation, selecting a capable Birmingham architecture firm to implement your designs is a must.

You may find architectural companies with unique personalities and skill sets to help you realize your vision regardless of whether you live in remote areas.

How do you even begin to narrow down the options when choosing an architectural firm? Ultimately, they all claim to be the finest. There are five key things to consider when selecting an architectural firm to create your ideal building.

Have the appropriate authorities issued you a license in your area?

The local board of architects should have the official registration information for any architectural firms in the area. Inquire about their legal status by requesting proof of identity.

Make sure to jot down the issue date and other pertinent details so you can follow up. If you do the follow-up, you may ask other architects what they think of a particular firm.

Could you provide a sample of your work?

When reviewing a portfolio, asking which projects were truly designed and built by extension builders in Birmingham or the business in question is essential. You have to have faith in their abilities to do the assignment. Established companies have a more comprehensive selection of staff photos from which to choose.

Due to the transient nature of the architectural profession, it is relatively uncommon for a portfolio to feature work from more than one firm.

May I inspect one of your present or former workplaces?

You shouldn’t only be able to look at images of finished work; you should be able to observe ongoing projects and speak with current and former homeowners, as well. When visiting past or present construction sites, be careful to inquire with the property owners about their experiences.

How do you decide which contractors to hire for a project?

The design is often drafted by an architectural company, which then collaborates with local builders to bring the project to fruition. The company will keep an eye on progress to ensure everything runs well. You can learn more about the company’s work ethics and procedures by requesting a list of its contractors.

Is the individual I’m meeting today going to be the one who works on my project?

It’s common for the architect you meet with at the beginning of a project to hand you off to someone else later. Request a meeting with anybody who has the potential to play a leadership role in your project.

Furthermore, it is very uncommon for the leaders of an architectural company to make a presentation yet assign the work to a junior staff member. Insist on a formal agreement or contract outlining who will be responsible for what aspects of your project.


You shouldn’t play around when realizing your architectural design vision. It’s essential to pick the right architectural firm, such as Birmingham-based architects, so the result is within your expectations.

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