Store Your Pool Chemicals

Here Are Some Great Tips On How You Can Store Your Pool Chemicals


Storing your pool chemicals in a safe manner is crucial to keep your swimming pool and backyard hazard-free and make sure that your family and friends have a fun and safe experience. You need pool chemicals to clean your pool water and free it of any contaminants. However, if you don’t handle or store them properly, they can become really dangerous. Some pool chemicals break down naturally over time if you don’t use them by a certain date. If you store, pack, and label them correctly, the broken-down chemicals will remain contained and you will be able to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Here are a few tips on how you can store your pool chemicals the right way.

1. Avoid exposure to humidity and sunlight

While deciding where you should store your pool chemicals, the best locations are the ones that are out of direct sunlight. In order to store these chemicals the right way, you have to find a dark and cool environment to avoid any potential reactions as they react poorly to heat and sunshine. If you are storing them in an outdoor area, make sure that it is dry, covered, and away from the fibreglass pool. Even small amounts of water or humidity can cause a chemical reaction, leading to dangerous fumes.

2. Keep the area well ventilated

If the storage area has little airflow, there is a risk of the chemical components changing their composition. If this happens, the second you open the container, there might be an accumulation of hazardous flames. Ventilation is also important when you are storing multiple chemicals in close proximity.

3. Use the right type of storage containers

You must store the newcastle fibreglass pool chemicals in their original containers. You should never pour a chemical into another container or mix two chemicals together. This will be dangerous to you and your environment. Most chemicals have a specially-designed container created to keep them safe. If you transfer them to a different container, it can lead to a reaction that creates hazardous gases and other compounds. The safest way to store chemicals is to place the chemicals in their original container and into another hard plastic bin that has a tight-fitting lid. Then, you should put these containers in a properly ventilated area so that there is no exposure to built-up gas when you open and use these chemicals. While storing them, keep the label from the manufacturer visible.

4. Keep them out of the reach of pets and children

You have to make sure that you store your pool chemicals somewhere out of the reach of your pets and children. These chemicals are toxins and you should treat them as such. If they get into your mouth, eyes, or your skin, they might lead to some serious health problems. Anyone who has pets or children knows that they can get themselves anywhere. So, the best way to avoid this is to keep your pool chemicals in a locked storage area.

5. Be attentive to how to store different types of chemicals

You might think that stacking the chemicals on top of each other is logical. But, arranging your chemicals in a haphazard manner is not recommended. While storing your pool chemicals, you must pay extra attention to the instructions provided on the product label of every single chemical. Each pool chemical usually comes with a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) that provides you with instructions on how to handle the chemical with care. Also, remember that you should never store acids and oxidizers near each other.

Once you have created a secure storage location to store the chemicals, make sure that you don’t put any chemicals above your head or on the floor. This will reduce the risk of chemicals spilling or falling. Also, never stack liquid chemicals over powdered chemicals as there is a risk of hazardous reach. All the chemicals should be kept away from flammable items. If you have an outdoor storage area for storing your pool chemicals, it should be far away from anything that is flammable. Any gas-powered equipment, such as a lawnmower, should be kept in a faraway location. Also, your storage site should be away from any heat sources, like a grill or outdoor fire pit.

6. Don’t reuse or switch containers

You should never transfer a chemical from one container to another. An empty container should never be repurposed. You should always use the original containers and once they are empty, you should dispose of them immediately. You also have to be extremely careful while mixing the old and new batches, even if they are the same chemical. It is possible that the new batch has a different composition that doesn’t react safely with the older components. You should also keep the label legible so you can read the safety and usage instructions.

7. Keep the lids sealed

There are many pool chemicals that have a chemical reaction as soon as the water is added to them. If you have an unsealed lid, water might be able to enter the container, resulting in dilution of the chemical or the start of a reaction. This not only makes the chemical less effective but also dangerous. Also, having an unsealed lid means that if the chemical container is knocked over accidentally, the chemical will spill over your storage area. This is a hazardous situation and a waste of money.

What should you do when there is a spill?

Despite your best efforts to prevent a spill, accidents might still happen. If spills occur, they will cause a chemical reaction, resulting in the release of harmful vapours. As soon as you spot a spill, you have to make sure that there is no chemical reaction. If there is, you have to evacuate the area immediately and contact the fire department. In case there is no chemical reaction, you can clean the spill up yourself. You will have to put on the right safety gear, rubber gloves, and goggles before you start sopping up the spilled chemical. You can use a small dustpan or a clean rag to contain the chemicals. You should use a clean, unused container for disposing of these chemicals. Once you have made sure that there is no reaction, you can get rid of the container properly.

If you want to know more about how to store pool chemicals and use them in your fibreglass pool, you should contact your local pool experts, who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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