Fibreglass Pool

Here Are Some Of The Best Apps To Help You With Your Fibreglass Pool!


Thanks to some of the latest smartphone apps, you can clean and maintain your pool efficiently.

These swimming pool apps will become an integral part of your maintenance routine. By keeping your pool clean, you can also avoid larger issues and repairs down the road. So, whether you want to increase the pH levels of your pool, balance the chlorine level, or heat the water to the right temperature, these apps can help you.

1. Pooli

Thanks to its built-in scanner, Pooli can process your test strip and calculate the chemicals your swimming pool is low on. Through this straightforward way of testing your pool, you can save time on calculating chemical quantities and making other calculations. Also, the app is available for free and can link you automatically to some of the lowest-priced chemicals your pool might need. Due to its appealing aesthetic theme and user-friendly interface, it is among the highest-rated apps for pool maintenance.

2. Nimbus Pool Doctor

Pool Doctor allows you to adjust the levels of chlorine, salt, bromine, total alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness in the pool. It also helps you configure the ideal ranges of the chemicals you can use for treating your pool. It provides you with all the explanations and results in grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds, litres, or gallons. You can easily change units by pressing a button. The Nimbus Pool Doctor app supports bromine, saltwater, and regular pools. To ensure that there is no confusion, it only displays the readings that are applicable to your type of pool. However, it is only available for iOS, not for Android.

3. Pool Pro Home

This app is for individuals who want to maintain their fibreglass pool all by themselves. It is capable of tracking a wide range of statistics and chemicals, including calcite saturation indexes, Langelier, and water temperature. It supports saltwater, chlorine, and bromine pools. By checking the levels of chemicals against industry standards, it is able to give recommendations to maintain balance in your pool. The app also allows you to save records and troubleshoot problems.

4. Swimming Pool Guide Pro

Through this app, managing your pool will become a fun and easy process. With it, you will not only be able to calculate the right amount of chemicals needed in your pool but will also learn some tips on how to balance your fibreglass pool with the right mixture. The app can help you understand pH, alkalinity, and total hardness. In your free time, you can also read the guide for opening and closing a pool.

5. Pool care

This is a powerful Android app through which you can maintain your pool, log results, get recommendations, and set reminders and schedules. It can rack pH, alkalinity, free available chlorine, combined chlorine, conditioner, calcium hardness, and more. It can auto calculate the Calcite Saturation Index or CSI. If you have a pool and spa, you can use this app for storing and testing both of them and have the results sent to your email.

6. Clorox

This is a water analysis tool capable of enhancing your pool maintenance process by easing it. It will scan your test strip. However, this is not its most helpful feature. It offers a troubleshooting guide that contains steps on fixing visible problems your swimming pool might experience. All you have to do is click a photo of the issue and the app will get you the troubleshooting guide. In the history tab, you can find a catalogue of your previous 10 water analyses.

7. Swimming Pool Learning

This app is a one-stop-shop for every swimming pool care need. Anything that you want to know about pool care, you can find a link for it, including YouTube videos, Podcasts, website links, and other resources. It also contains calculators for pool volume and chemical dosage. Thanks to the developers, the content is constantly changing, and the app remains up to date. The Swimming Pool Learning app is highly rated as well.

8. Pool Cloud

Pool Cloud can be considered as a virtual library that is full of any pool-related knowledge that you might need to maintain your fibreglass pool. It also offers guided instructions and video tutorials on cleaning and maintaining your fibreglass pool in a timely and effective manner. Apart from this, you can also get test strip analysis and service recommendations. You can set up the Pool Cloud to send reminders to clean every day so that there aren’t any massive leaf clogs.

9. Calm

Your fibreglass swimming pool can offer you a great way to relax and meditate. You can also take the help of the Calm app. It is one of the best apps in the market for sleep, relaxation, and meditation. With their guided meditations, breathing programs, relaxing music, stretching exercises, and sleep stories, you will be able to experience less anxiety, lower stress, and better sleep. In fact, many mental health experts, therapists, and psychologists recommend this app.

10. Swim Up

If you don’t know how to swim and want to learn, SwimUp is the perfect app for you. They provide a fully-personalized training plan, detailed swimming theory, and smart analytics. Using this app, you can see and track the progress you have made. It also contains a digital library full of swimming exercises, detailed descriptions, and short educational videos. You can integrate the app with your Apple Watch. Then, you will be able to track the number of arm strokes, your pulse, and time.

Thanks to emerging technology, the process of cleaning and maintaining your fibreglass pool has become a lot easier than before. This process is not as fun as swimming in your fibreglass pool. However, by using these apps, you can at least speed up that process or automate it. If you are unsure about using the apps to maintain the pool, you can talk to a melbourne pool builder who will help you guide you through the entire process.

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