Girl's Bedroom

Improving the Appearance of a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom


Is your teen no longer comfortable in their old bedroom? Or have you had it with all the stickers, Mural walls, and posters that have taken over the room? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to rethink the room’s design and try something new and fresh. Take advantage of this time to bond with your adolescent by working on wall decor together.

Making a new, empty document is the first step. Remove all furniture, drop cloth on the floors, and start painting! Choose a neutral color or tone for a sophisticated, uncluttered style that can go with any imaginative wall decor.

If you’re in the mood for a little more risk, pick a prominent wall on which to paint a vibrant color or cover with patterned wallpaper. Keep reading to learn the steps to making your mural or wallpaper!

Decorations for Walls

Teens would love to have a photo on canvas prints, wallpaper murals, ornamental shelves, personalized art prints, picture frames, or, if the money allows, original artwork on the walls.

Accessories, such as wall decor that portrays your adolescent’s joyous attitude, may make their room feel more like a home and give them a sense of pride in their space. What follows is a selection of some of the most intriguing options for wall decoration:

Framed canvases as decor

Stunning photos of nature, such as sunsets, flowers, and more, are also available on canvas as wall art. You may also put up three enlarged photographs on canvas prints of people you’ve known from childhood to adolescence, such as friends, siblings, or yourself. They may also enjoy pictures of canvas artworks with trendy or musical themes.

Clocks and mirrors on the wall

Make beautiful wall décor out of clocks and mirrors, two items that serve dual purposes by adding visual interest to a space. Wall clocks come in a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your space.


Printed Nursery Wallpaper or murals might be the solution if she prefers a minimalistic, sophisticated aesthetic in her bedroom. An adolescent girl’s bedroom might benefit greatly from a mural depicting flowers of any size or color.

What about that accent wall over there? Now, custom wallpaper printing is simple, cheap, and accessible to anybody. Pick a picture you like, get it blown up, and put yourself in the middle of the action!

Rather than hiring an expensive decorator, you can now take advantage of the many online picture canvas printing services that provide printing on self-adhesive textile 3D Wallpaper. It has a unique re-positionable adhesive that makes installation a breeze and prevents permanent marks on your walls.

Shelving, ornamental

Pink or royal purple shelves painted decoratively are also lovely wall decorations. This shelf is a nice addition to the room and has a practical purpose: it can hold your teen’s books, photographs, and other belongings. Different home furnishing stores and periodicals can inspire unique shelf layouts.

Prints with your name on them

Personalized name art prints are another option for teen wall décor. This typically takes the form of a horizontal row of picture frames, each of which bears a letter of her first name. Photos, cloth-stitched letters in a rustic style, or any other fantastic material may be used for the letters.

In essence, you could transfer graphic artwork onto canvas prints the same way you might transfer a selection of photographs.


These suggestions should help you out a lot. When moving into a new home or redesigning your teen’s bedroom, it’s important to keep their preferences in mind. Remember that adolescents enjoy being the center of attention, so let them tag along as you browse for the greatest wall art for their room.

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