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Top 6 Maintenance Tips for your Wood Fireplace


Your fireplace is a vital element, especially during the cold season. Apart from providing warmth, your fireplace completes the style of your home. It is the focal point to the beauty of your living room. If you installed a European home fireplace, you have invested in an invaluable piece. However, if you don’t have one already, visit website to select from numerous options. With that said, you understand that proper maintenance of this part is very crucial. There are simple things and a routine you need to adopt to make sure the fireplace continues to keep your home warm and comfortable. Consider the following tips for maintaining your fireplace.

1. Clean the Inner Part

If you want the fireplace to improve the environment in your house, make sure it does not produce different byproducts during burning. To ensure this, you need to clean the inner part of the fireplace. European home fireplaces provide an efficient heating solution. However, if you have a wooden one, clean the interior properly after use.

2. Remove Soot Buildup

If your wood is not dry enough, it leaves a component known as creosote. Creosote is flammable, and that means it puts you at risk of fires or obstructs the chimney. Soot also contributes to house fires. It also comes as a result of wet wood or when the wood is not burning properly. So, you need to ensure these residues are removed frequently to ensure quality airflow.

3. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Even if the fireplace is a great heating solution, it can introduce health problems if not well-maintained. A well-maintained fireplace should not be problematic. However, if you notice issues like smoke or carbon monoxide, then there is an underlying issue. Make sure the vent is clean, and the wood is properly dried. Remove the soot that could hinder the proper flow of air into the inside and smoke to the outside. You also need to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

4. Test the Fireplace First

Before using the fireplace, ensure it is working properly. Light up several pieces and see how they burn and how the smoke leaves the house. If you notice that the smoke spreads to the rest of the house, find out the problem first and correct it. Remember, the simple things you ignore could build up to costly problems later.

5. Choose the Right Wood

One thing you should know if you own a wood fireplace is that woods are not the same, especially when it comes to the fireplace. You need to get the right wood. Make sure it is properly dried 6-11 months before burning. You can choose hardwood for longer burning, more heat, and less soot.

6. Pay a Chimney Sweep

If you want to confirm the safety and efficiency of your fireplace, you should hire a certified and experienced chimney sweep. The professional will inspect the chimney and clean it frequently. The expert will also spot and correct problems that you might not spot.

To Sum It Up!

Getting a fireplace improves the appeal of your house while providing a cost-effective heating solution. However, one thing you must know is that you have full responsibility to maintain the fireplace for efficiency and safety.

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