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Why DIY Crafts and the Holidays Seem to Go Together


Have you ever noticed how crafty people seem to get around the holidays? It is a fascinating thing to observe. DIY crafts and the holidays seem to go together like baseball and apple pie. Even people who are not all that good at crafts seem to want to give them a try around the holidays.

Maybe it’s because doing homemade crafts reminds us of simpler days. Perhaps it’s more about family than anything else. No matter the reason, doing crafts during the holiday season just seems natural. It seems like the right thing to do.

DIY Crafts and Decorations

Perhaps one of the reasons that DIY crafts are so popular around the holidays is that they fit in very well with our natural desire to decorate. At least that is one suggestion offered by Jami Ray, the owner and operator of the Jami Ray Vintage store in Lehi, Utah.

Ray says that there is something special about homemade decorations that just cannot be replicated by pieces bought from the store. Store-bought pieces are too perfect. They are bit too sterile. DIY crafts are flawed. They are a reminder that life is not perfect. They remind us of one another.

Adding That Personal Touch

Another reason explaining why DIY crafts are so popular around the holidays could be as simple as the fact that they add a personal touch. Think of it in terms of giving gifts. You can buy something from the store or make a gift yourself. A homemade gift is more personal. It requires some forethought and effort. To some, that personal touch is more important than the gift itself.

Likewise for DIY crafts. A homemade Christmas wreath requires an investment of time and effort. It ends up meaning a lot more than one you purchase from the big-box department store. You will absolutely love it this year because it is new. But you’ll continue loving it every year thereafter because you remember the care that went into making it.

Something for Families to Do

Do not discount the ability of DIY crafts to bring families together. Those same family members that will gather in the kitchen to make Christmas cookies will also sit down together to make homemade Christmas cards. And when they do, they will bond in ways that cannot be described. They will grow closer around a shared effort to make something special.

Years from now, they will also have the memories. They will laugh over the time that little Johnny broke open the bottle of glue and made a big mess. They will reminisce about how much trouble little Susie had learning to spell ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’.

A DIY Craft for Everyone

If you are looking for some DIY crafts you can do this holiday season, know that there is something for everyone. Stencils and paint are great tools for making special holiday signage. Paper and glue are the foundations of decoupage. You can create your own garlands, Christmas wreaths, and floral displays featuring poinsettias and other holiday plants.

Most of the materials you will need can be obtained at craft, department, and hardware stores. You may even have some of the stuff lying around the house already. As for ideas, they are virtually unlimited. Just browse online for a little bit. You will eventually find something that suits you.

DIY crafts are enjoyed by people year-round. But for some reason, they are especially popular during the holiday season. The reasons explaining why that is are less important than actually getting your hands dirty. So go for it. Do some DIY crafts of your own.

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