What is the Best Cutting Tool for Your Job

What is the Best Cutting Tool for Your Job?


There are a multitude of cutting tools available on the market today, all promising to make it easier to cut a variety of materials. But knowing which tool is best for the job is important, say the experts at Devour Tools (https://www.devourtools.com/), makers of high-performance power tools. After all, the best tool for one job may not necessarily make another job easier. For example, you would not use a cutter with tile blades to cut wood, nor would you use a wood cutting blade to cut a metal pipe. Working efficiently with a cutter is all about knowing the type of tool and blade to use before beginning a job. Below are a few examples of materials and the type of cutting tool to use:


When it comes to fabric, many different tools could potentially be used to get the desired cut. The most obvious is a pair of fabric shears, which are designed to cut through layers of fabric. These come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the individual. Fabric can also be cut with rotary cutters which have blades that can be replaced as and when needed.


There is a plethora of tools that can be used to cut wood, including both hand-held and power tools. The type of cutter you use will depend on the type of wood you are cutting as well as the type of cut you require. If you want precision cuts, then a miter saw is ideal. A jigsaw can cut various shapes while a circular saw can cut through lengths of wood with ease.


Metal can be easily cut with a good power saw, but the type of tool you use will be determined by the thickness of the metal in question. Soft metals such as copper, tin, and aluminum can be cut with a tin snip, similar to a pair of scissors. Circular saws and angle grinders are more powerful tools capable of cutting through harder metals like steel, but they do need to be fitted with the correct metal cutting blade. Trying to cut a hard metal with a blade that is designed for softer metals may damage both the blade and the machine.


Tile can be cut with both manual and power tools, depending on the actual size and type of tile being cut. Manual tile cutters are wheels with blades that are used to score the tile before pressure is applied that causes it to break neatly along the scored line. Beginners often struggle with this type of cutting tool because it can often lead to a rough cut that requires sanding. It is also necessary for the right amount of pressure to be used to break the tile along the score without cracking the rest of the tile. Tile saws can make the job of cutting much easier and are preferable for tiles made of stone and porcelain.


When it comes to concrete, the blade used is almost as important as the cutting tool itself. A standard circular saw can be used to cut concrete slabs provided it is equipped with a diamond blade. These powerful blades can slice through slabs with ease thanks to the diamond tips. However, for less accurate cutting, tools such as jackhammers or pneumatic drills can break up concrete and are commonly used in the construction industry.


The type of cutting tool you use entirely depends on the job being done and the material being cut. In addition to choosing the right tool, you might also need to make sure you have a suitable blade.

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