Colors for Your New Home

What to Consider When Choosing Colors for Your New Home


Choosing the right colors for your new home can be a challenge. You might love plenty of colors, but you don’t want to use all of them throughout your home. Perhaps you want all of the colors to coordinate well throughout your home and ensure that everything comes together with the furniture, paint, and other furnishings.

Let’s look at some things you should consider when choosing paint colors to decorate your new home in Parrish.

Use the Home as Inspiration

Before you think about your favorite colors, think about the new home and where it is situated. If you have a new home surrounded by woodland and nature, you may want to consider this in the overall design and when choosing the paint colors for the home. If the home is already painted, assess whether you think another color would work better and make a note of the shades you don’t think work well.

Choose a Color Palette

When choosing the main paint color, it can be very helpful to decide on a color palette and base everything on this. It would be best if you thought about the furniture you have in the home and any new furniture you plan to buy or changes you are planning to make. No matter how much you like a wide range of colors, resist the temptation to choose too many of them. You should choose one main color along with a complementary secondary color and a neutral color that works well alongside both.

Select Your Favorite White

Even if you don’t plan to paint your new home with white paint, it is always helpful to select a shade of white paint to use where needed. It is very unlikely that some parts of your home will not need a splash of white paint. You can even use white paint as a base before applying another paint color to the new home. Using one or two other colors alongside white can help to balance out brighter colors and allow you to use more striking colors sparingly.

Limit Striking Colors

When it comes to brighter or more striking colors, less is more. A pop of color can attract attention and make your home look very trendy and modern. But too much color can have the opposite effect and make the décor of your new home look very busy and overcrowded. Knowing when and where to use stronger colors can help you to figure out the best paint color for your home. Don’t use striking colors in all the rooms of your home either; limit them to certain rooms, such as the dining area or the main bedroom.

Look Out for Clashes with Furniture

It’s easy to start choosing paint colors without first considering the furniture you want it to complement. If your new home already has carpet or you know your plans for the flooring, consider this when choosing colors. If you have antique pieces of furniture that you plan to keep or special items that you are set on buying, this needs to form a central part of your plan for choosing the paint colors.

Finding Your Perfect Home

Choosing the right paint color is just one part of creating your perfect home. For many people, the ideal new home has a thriving community and plenty of activities to support health and well-being. North River Ranch in Parrish, FL, has a range of new and modern homes situated in an idyllic community – the perfect choice for couples and families to enjoy.

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